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SEO means search engine optimization is very hard. if you want to get a very high ranking and visitors from your website then you must do SEO. In this case, if you can’t make your website completely SEO friendly then you will never get ranking from your site.(SEO Tools)

But when you are new to the world of websites, you or anyone else’s idea of ​​SEO should be very insignificant. And this is the time we make SEO mistakes. Too many SEO mistakes make it very difficult to get search engine rankings from the content written on our website.

In today’s post, I will discuss the popular free SEO tools, these free SEO tools will play an important role in your ranking. Needless to say, you can use all these On-Page SEO Tools for on-page SEO, and you can get very good benefits.

Use WordPress Rank Math

If you use WordPress, you can activate the free plugin in the plugin section of WordPress. It’s actually free and all the features are unlocked here. In this case, whenever you publish an article, this tool is most useful for checking the title and meta description of that article.

Also, if you use this free plug-in, there are more things you can do easily:

  • Adding structured data markup for rich snippets;
    Redirecting URLs;
    Finding and fixing dead links on your site.

free On-Page SEO Tools

You can use the above-mention features on your site with the help of this free plugin. Also, after activating it, you will be able to help with more on-page SEO work.


If you want to see your website in full, that is, how visitors see it in search engines, then you can use the free SEO tool mentioned above.

With the help of these On-Page SEO Tools, you can tell your customers or visitors the details about how the website looks. also with the help of these free tools, you can detail ideas about how your website looks on different devices if you want.

And if there is any complication in your site and it is not user friendly, you can solve it later by knowing the details through this post.

Seo Crawler:

If you want to fully analyze any content publish on your website, you can use the free SEO tools mentioned above. With the help of these free SEO tools, you can solve the copyright issues in the content of your website.

You probably know that Google doesn’t like copyrighted articles at all, and you can’t get into the rankings with them.

This is why you must make sure that any content is copyright after it publishes. And then it has to work with these keywords for ranking. if you want to get rid of all these copyright content complications, you can use the free tools mentioned above.

And copyright complexities that are significant in your content must remove and then re-index on Google. Then you can get a ranking from that content.

Page Speed

The loading speed of your website plays the most important role in on-page SEO, also the loading speed plays an important role in your rank. Because when any visitor visits your web site, if it takes a long time to load, they will bounce off your website and run away.

In this case, when the bounce rate of your website increases too much, the ranking of your site will go down completely.

For this, you must analyze the loading speed of your website and if the loading speed is too low then you need to optimize the speed of your site. And when the loading speed optimization of your website is done, you will be sure that you are ahead in the ranking sector of Google.

If you want to know how much loading speed your website has, you can use this free tool provided by Google, which will provide various information about loading speed on your site.

Search Console

Did you know that Google has given you a free tool and these free tools can show you how to rank first in Google? And this great free SEO tool provided by Google is Google Search Console, Search Console you can use for free.

Whenever you add a Google search console to your website, you can see all the data on your website. When you submit your web site to the search console, you can see which content on your website is ranking by Google and how many impressions and clicks you are getting from the content.

You will also receive daily notices about the major errors on your website that are lowering your site’s rankings. And you can easily solve these. And you can use the above mention free tools for your on-page SEO. I hope these will come in handy.

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