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Bandarban Tourist Spot in Bangladesh; Like a Paradise of Clouds

Bandarban Tourist Spot List in Bangladesh; Like a Paradise of Clouds

Bandarban tourist spot is the most demanding tourist spot in the tourism industry. Every year a lot of foreigners come to this country to visit Bandarban. It is the trendy tourist site in the Chittagong division.

Tourists from home and abroad visit this place frequently. It is the place where you can feel the nature of beauty. You can touch the floating cloud from the mountain.

All your worries will vanish to see the mind-blowing waterfall. You can feel a heavenly environment there. Today, we discuss some tourist spots in the Bandarban district so that you can easily find your tourist destination.

Beautiful Place of Bandarban Tourist Spot:

Nilgiri Resort Bandarban:

The name Darjeeling in Bengal is quite attractive to tourists. Everyone knows Nilgiri by this name. This form of cloud kingdom fascinates tourists.

It is about 2200 feet above sea level.  If you want to touch the clouds, Nilgiri is only for you. You will find an aesthetic resort at the top of the hill. Bangladesh army runs this beautiful tourist spot in Bandarban.

Nilgiri Resort BandarbanFrom Bandarban, it locates at a distance of 50 km district headquarters. You can not only enjoy the clouds play but also can stay in the resort. There are cottages to spend the night in the Nilgiris.

Although a bit expensive, these cottages are suitable for relaxation. If you want to stay, you have to pay around 4000-10000 in Bangladeshi Taka. In this case, you have first to book about one month before. In the Nilgiri, you can enjoy its beauty from close to nature.

Remakri Waterfall, Bandarban:

Another most beautiful tourist spot in Bandarban is Remakri Waterfall. This incredible waterfall situates in Remakri Union. It is under Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban.

To enjoy the waterfall, you must take a boat on the journey. Before taking a boat, you have to hire a guide. You can employ a guide from BGB Camp.

It is compulsory for everyone. Besides, if you want to stay, you can find many small cottages in the Remakri market. Per person need almost 150-200 Tk for stay there. There is also a popular cottage named Shilguri Guest House. You can also stay there if you want.

Sairu Hill Resort Bandarban:

As a Bandarban tourist spot, another most unimaginable place comes into tourist’s minds. Sairu Hill Resort is a unique spot in Bandarban. It locates about 18 kilometers away from Bandarban city.

Sairu Hill Resort Bandarban

You can see it before the Chimbuk hill on the Bandarban-Thanchi road. In these places, you can see lush green mountains all around. This resort locates on a hilltop about 1800 feet above sea level.

You can find modern convenience as well as aesthetic architecture here. These spots can catch tourists’ eye for their comfortable quality.

Holiday Inn Resort Bandarban:

The Holiday Inn Resort is one of the Bandarban tourist spot. It locates on a hilltop near the Meghla Tourist Complex.  This place surrounds by small and large hills and beautiful natural lakes.

Moreover, tourist can easily access here for its short distance from Bandarban city. In here per room rent about 3000-7000 taka. There is a total of nine rooms and two cottages here. Travelers can go there by jeep (Chander gari). In this resort, you can easily see lake view.

Nilachal Bandarban Resort:

As a tourist spot, Bandarban is the most popular place in Bangladesh.  Nilachal is one of the tourist places in the Bandarban district. In the tourism industry, it is a place of interest in Bandarban.

There is the Nilachal Tourist Complex on the hilltop of Tigerpara. This complex is about six kilometers from Bandarban town. Bandarban District Administration supervises it.

At sea level, it is about 1600 feet above. Rainy, autumn, or late autumn all three seasons, you can touch the clouds. From Nilachal, you can see the entire city of Bandarban at a glance. This place can fascinate the tourists.

They can enjoy the magnificent view of Cox’s Bazar beach from here in the cloudless sky. Besides, the most attractive spot in Nilachal is its resort. There are many eyes catching resort here.

One of the blue resorts is Nilachal Scape Resort. You can also find Nilachal Nilambari Resort. If anyone wants to spend the night at Nilachal, can stay all this resort.

Bandarban Tourist Spot Thanchi Resort:

Another most beautiful place in Thanchi Upazila is BGB Resort. People call it Shimanto Obokhas. Bangladesh BGB runs this resort.

In Bandarban district, it is one of the eco-resorts. There are all kinds of amenities available here. For the natural environment, this place fascinates the tourists. This resort situates south-east of Thanchi Upazila. From Thanchi BGB Camp Helipad, it is very close.

Lama Upazila Bandarban:

In Bandarban, Lama Upazila is the most populous. Lama’s natural beauty easily attract tourists. As a Bandarban tourist spot, Lama Upazila has many tourist spots.

Matamuhari River is one of them. 146 long, this river extends to the Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar district. As a local saying, Lama, Alakadama, and Chakraya are a donation of Mahamuhari river.

There are also some most attractive places in Lama Upazila. This Lama Upazila is like a paradise to tourists. Another Quantum Children’s Paradise, which locates quite far from these Upazila.

From here, you can see the fantastic sunset. You can also find Mirinja Tourist Complex here. However, it locates 6 km before reaching Lama. Mirinja locates at an altitude of about 2200 feet above the plains.

Tourists not only enjoy here but also can see the combination of mountains and clouds here. In Lama town, there are a lot of medium type hotels. You need to pay 300-600 taka per room.

If anyone wants to stay here, they can hire these hotels. Besides, the most fantastic part of this river, its nature is spiral.

Bandarban Tourist Spot Meghla Parjatan Complex:

As a Bandarban tourist spot Meghla Parjatan Complex also on the list. It is the most fantastic tourist spot. Tourist comes from all over the country visits this spot.

This place is in the contiguous area of the Bandarban hill district council. It is 4 km from the town on the road to Keranihat. Besides, there are a mini-safari-park and a zoo here.

Tourists can also enjoy boat journey. You can also see a hanging bridge here. At the bottom of the hills, there is an amazing artificial lake.

As a picnic spot, this venue is more popular. Tourists from far and near come here to celebrate their vacations.

Amiakhum Waterfall Bandarban:

In Bandarban tourist spot, there are many waterfalls. On the Bangladesh-Myanmar border side, there is a waterfall. The name of this waterfall is Amiakhum.

This waterfall sees as the Heaven of Bengal. Moreover, it is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. The location of this waterfall is in Tindu.

This place is in remote of Thanchi Upazila. The mountainous Sangu river creates many small Jol Propat (waterfall). Amiakhum is one of them. Amiakhum situates the most remote area of Bangladesh.

From Bandarban, it is 76 km away. If you want to spend a night there, you need a rest house. So, near the Amiakhum waterfall, you will find two places. Sajia para and Zin para locates nearby. Travelers can take shelter in a house at Sajia para or Zin para.

Bandarban Tourist Spot Nafakhum Waterfall:

Another biggest waterfall in Bandarban is Nafakhum. The water of the Remakri river creates this waterfall by going down the rocky path. The wonderful Nafakhum is a tributary of the Sangu River.  Among the largest waterfalls in Bangladesh, it is one of them.

Nafakhum WaterfallThe wild, hilly Remakri river suddenly falls here about 25–30 feet. The location of Nafakhum waterfall is Remakri Union. In Bandarban district, this Union locates in Thanchi Upazila.

To stay the night there, you need to go to Tindu in Remakri.  There is Marma’s bamboo-wooden house there. Travelers can stay there and also there have food arrangements.

Debotakhum Pahar, Bandarban:

In Bandarban tourist spot, Debotakhum top list place. It is a place of natural beauty in the tourism industry. For its large hill, it is trendy. People call it Debotakhum Pahar(hill).

In the middle of the high cliffs on both sides, clear water flows. The color of the water is crystal green. It is a place of interest for tourists’ home and abroad. Debotakhum locates in Roangchhari Upazila.

This place is under Bandarban district. At first, you need to get permission from Kacchaptoli Army Camp. Then you can go there. Naturally, Bandarban knows as the paradise of Khum. So, undoubtedly the crown of excellence of this kingdom is Debotakhum. This khum is about 50-60 feet deep and 600 feet long, according to local people.

On both sides of this Khum, there is a massive forest. Sunlight doesn’t reach inside Khum for the steep hills. You will feel as cold as you go inside. Although the place is cool, it is tranquil and noise-free. It can give a thrilling feeling the travelers.

Golden Buddhist Temple, Bandarban:

In the Bandarban district, most visiting place Golden Temple. However, this temple’s name is Buddha Dhatu Jadi. People know it as Bandarban Golden Temple. The location of this temple is the Balaghata town area.

It situates at Bandarban Sadar Upazila.  Here tourists can see Bangladesh’s second-largest Buddha statue. This temple is the largest Theravada Buddhist temple in Bangladesh.

According to locals, this Buddhist temple also knows as Qiang. This hilltop temple locates 4 km from Balaghata. From 10 km away from Bandarban Sadar, tourists can find it.

As the name of Debota Pukur, there is a lake on this hill. As a tourist spot in Bandarban, Buddha Dhatu Jadi Kang now becomes a tourist attraction. This place is a land of natural beauty that can fascinate tourists quickly.

This Jadi is not only a place of pilgrimage but also has become the most attractive tourist spots. Every year a lot of domestic and foreign visitor comes here. Although its name is the Golden Temple, actually no gold use to build it.

Because of its golden color, people call it   Golden Temple. There is a lot of places here to stay.  Several hotels, resorts, and cottages are available here.

You can find hotels and resorts around Bandarban city. Hotel Hill View, Hotel Hilton, Hotel Plaza, many more hotels you can find. You need to pay about 800-2500 taka for staying there.

Boga Lake, Bandarban:

Boga Lake, a unique tourist location in Bangladesh. Its location is in Ruma Upazila, Bandarban. Its real name Bogakain Lake. People call it Baga Lake or Boga Lake.

In the hill district of Bandarban, this lake water is naturally sweet. This place is a very deep-water lake, so travelers need to be cautious. From sea level, it is nearly 1,200 feet high. It adjoins the Keokradong hills.

From Ruma Upazila, it is 17 km away. Although this lake creates naturally, Geologists believe that it starts from the collection of rainwater in summer. This lake is irregular in shape. For its unique diversity, this place attracts adventure lovers.

There are no suitable hotel or cottage near Boga Lake. So, if you want to stay there, you need to remain tribal cottage. There per person need to pay 100 to 200 takas. Note that a visitor needs to be cautious on the way to Boga Lake.

The road to the lake is zigzag like a mountain. To go to Boga Lake, you need to go to Ruma Bazaar first. There, you must get permission from the army camp. You need to hire a guide after that. It is mandatory for everyone for guidance.

Bandarban Tourist Spot Chimbuk Hill:

There is a tourist spot about 26 km from Bandarban district town. The name of this tourist spot is Chimbuk hill. In Bangladesh, it is the third-largest hill. Another name of this hill is the Queen of the Hills. The city of Bandarban looks adorable from the Chimbuk hills.

It is a uniquely beautiful place in the Bandarban district. For that reason, the site easily attracts the visitor. Sangu River is also noticeable on the way to go to Chimbuk hill. The two most visited tourist spots Milnachhari and Shakura even prominent on the way.

Travelers can see the diverse natural scene in Chimbuk, standing on the 2500 feet high hill. On the top of the mountain, when you stand, you can see the clouds rushing down. Now this place is very familiar in tourism sectors.

Tazing Dong Hill:

Tazing Dong is the highest mountain in Bangladesh. It is also known as the name Bijoy (Victory). Officially, these mountains declare as the highest hill in Bangladesh.

It locates on Saichol Mountain ranges. The location of this hill is in Ruma Upazila.  From 25 km away from Upazila, it situates in Remarki in Pangsha Union.

Tazing Dong’s area is in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. According to the statistics, the actual height of its approximately 1280 meters. Although it locates Ruma Upazila, you cannot go there direct through Ruma.

It would help if you went first, Thanchi. If anyone wants to go to the Tazing Dong, they must go to Thanchi.  And in that case, the following route guideline will help you. Travels start from Bandarban Sadar then go to Thanchi.

From there need to go to Headmanpara. Then with a jeep, you go to Sherkarpara. At last, you will find your destination Tazing Dong Hill. There is a lot of tribal villages near this peak.

Visitors can stay there at night. Winter is the best time for a summit in Tazing Dong.   For relatively inaccessible, it is better not to go there in the rainy season.

Sangu River, Bandarban:

Sangu River or Conch River is a river in the Bandarban districts of Bangladesh’s eastern hilly region. In Bandarban, it is the most divine river. The length of this river is 294 km. The average width of this river is 119 meters. The most beautiful part is the nature of this river is serpentine.

This hilly river locates in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in the south of the country. After Kornafuli, it is the second-largest river in Chittagong. This river originates in the hills of the Madak area of the Bandarban district of Bangladesh.

It is near bordering of Myanmar. It merges into the Bay of Bengal through Bandarban district and South Chittagong. From its source to the Bay of Bengal, the length is 170 km. This river flows down to the hill.  Somewhere you can see fast current and somewhere calm quiet.

Tourists are easily fascinated with the beauty of this Sangu. The forests, rocks, and waterfalls on both sides of the river create an aesthetic environment. There you can stay in the hotel, resort near Bandarban city. You need to pay a total of 800 to 3000 taka approximately per day.

In the Bandarban district, this Sangu river is the most antique ever. Seeing the Sangu river, the visitor will not only surprise instead, but it can also enchant them.

Bandarban Tourist Spot Keokradong:

The highest mountain peak Keokradong locates in Bandarban district, Bangladesh. Its height is about 986 meters (3,235 ft). Some sources claim that it is the highest point in Bangladesh. Keokradong or Keokradong is one of a sky-scraping mountain in Bangladesh.

It locates in the south-eastern district of Bandarban. Above sea level, this hill’s altitude is approximately 4,035 feet (1,230 m). The elevation situates in the Ruma Sadar Upazila. This Upazila is under in the Bandarban district, bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar.

This remote area is full of natural beauty with small and big hills. Here travelers can see the dense jungle and various kinds of animals.  Tourists will amaze at the natural beauty of this mountain. For adventurous people, Keokradong is a different kind of piece of attraction. In winter, many adventure lovers come here to see this hill.

The most attractive part here is the beauty of green hills and waterfalls. The winding mountain paths and the lurking of clouds over the mountains are also noticeable. For staying overnight in Keokradong hill, there are many cottages. Besides, the Keokradong Tourist Hotel locates on the top of Keokradong hill.

Milanchhari Shoilo Propat, Bandarban:

At Bandarban, there are many waterfalls.  Shoilo Propat at Milanchhari is one of them. From the town on the road to Thanchi, it is 4 km away. The flows of this fall become vigorous during the rainy season. The water of this fall is very chilly and transparent.

However, the place is just beside the road. It’s a charming tourist spot amongst the visitors of Bandarban. Especially those who are making the family trip, they enjoy the view of this fall. There are several local shops around the spot. Tourists can buy local crafts like a shawl, wooden crafts, and many more things.

There is a mini water stream, which is surrounded by hills and forests. This part of these Shoilo Propat is more attractive. But it would be best if you were careful while going to Shoilo Propat because the rocky area can be very slippery. Especially in the rainy season, it is riskier than other times.

The water of the stream is cold. There are so many rocks in the water.  You will feel like heaven if you put your feet into the water. Local people generally use this water to have a bath. Local people call it by name Jhiri.

At the vicinity of the Shoilo Propat, you will find several irons made bridges.   You can see the view of the mini waterfall from the far sight. In the rainy season, it is more enjoyable to see the fall’s beauty from there.

Rijuk Jhorna:

Another most aesthetic waterfall in Bandarban is Rijuk Waterfall. It is a natural waterfall that locates in Ruma Upazila. In Bandarban tourist spot, this one is also listed. The waterfall location is at Pantla Mouza, which is 7 km away from Ruma. From Bandarban city, it is 66 km away.

Rijuk is about 300 feet high on the banks of the river Sangu. If you stay there, you can get up at Hotel Hilton. You will find this hotel at Ruma Upazila. This fantastic place will make your mood the most naturalistic. Tourist from far and near comes to Bandarban to see this place.

Nikhongchari Upabon Parjatan Complex:

In Bandarban city, Upabon Parjatan is another beautiful tourist spot. The location of this spot is at Nikhongchari Upazila. People think it is a lovely gift of nature. Here you will find an amazing lake surrounding the forest. Travelers will surely amaze looking at the big rocks with the natural scene.

There is an excellent hanging bridge over the lake. This bridge is longer than the meghla bridge. The complex is just 2 Kilometre away from Nikhongchari Upazila Sadar. For the visitor, this place is very adorable. There is a chance to see lots of birds chirping and singing.

Zow Tlan Bandarban:

Tourist spots in Bandarban there are a lot of mountains and fall’s here. Zow Tlan hill is one of the hills like Tazing Dong and Keokradong. It locates near Bangladesh–Myanmar border. The height of the hill is approximately 1,022 m. Tourist comes Bandarban district to see this place like another mountain.

Tinap Saitar Waterfall:

Tinap Saitar the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. The location of these falls is in between Rangachari and Ruma Upazila. It is under Bandarban district.  To many, it also knows as Paindu Saitara. It is one of the tourist spots in the hill district of Bandarban. You have to walk around 40 km from Rangachari to reach Tinap.

It locates in the hill river Paindu canal.  This place not yet gain much recognition among the tourists because the location is in a remote area. Visitors can reach through Attahpara of Ruma Upazila or Roninpara of Rangachari Upazila. The scenic sight of this waterfall fascinates the tourist.

Thanchi Satvaikhum Waterfall:

Another dynamic waterfall in Bandarban is Satvaikhum. Its location is at Thanchi Upazila.  Besides the other tourist spot in Bandarban, this place also on the list. For its nature attraction, tourist visits here every year.

It is such an exciting place that blends with nature. This place can’t find anywhere else in Bangladesh. As an exciting place, the sightseer fond of this spot. Moreover, you need to make vela with bamboo to go there. During the non-monsoon, the water level of these Khum is shallow.

At that moment, tourist seems to an illusion. They think that the water level is not relatively horizontal rather inclined. It is an intoxicating feeling. This terribly beautiful waterfall has now become the most viewing tourist spot. Satvaikhum Waterfall is a green land of beauty in Bandarban.

Saka Haphong Highest Mountain In Bandarban:

Among the highest mountain of Bangladesh, Saka Haphong is on the list. Unofficially it declares as the top highest mountain of Bangladesh. Local people call this place also Mowdok Taung or Tlang Moy. It is a peak in Bangladesh, frequently considers as the highest point of the country.

The elevation of this peak is almost 1,052 meters (3,451 ft.). The actual location of the Saka Haphong is in the Bangladesh–Burma border. It situates between Thanchi, Bandarban, Bangladesh, and the Chin State of Burma. You can take the tent if you want to camp. Besides, there in Bandarban neighborhoods have overnight accommodation. Another name of Saka Haphong Modak Muall.

It is under Moderator Range. If you are an adventure lover and want to travel to Saka Haphong, this place is only for you. You need to come to Bandarban district first. And then you can go to Saka Haphong from three ways. You can go on Thanchi road. Also, you can take Ruma Bazar or Remakri Bazar for your convenience. For a group or family tour, Saka Haphong is an incredible place.

The scenic beauty of this place will give you thrilling feelings.  At the same time, it takes only two or three days to visit there. If you want to travel to Saka Haphong with safety and want to enjoy must take a guide or travel mate.

Alikadam Upazila, Hill District of Bandarban:

Alikadam is an Upazila of Bandarban, Bangladesh. For tourists, the place is a trendy hiking place. This Upazila locates about 111 km south of Bandarban Town. There are too many tourist spots in Alikadam in Bandarban. Some are given below.

Alir Cave:

It is just three km away from Alikadam Town. Alir Cave situates in Alikadam Upazila of Bandarban. This thrilling cave can fascinate the tourist.

Dim (Egg) Hill:

One of the tourist spots in Alikadam is Dim Hill. It looks like Egg, so people call it Dim Hill. This hill’s location is in the middle of Thanchi and Alikadam Thana. This hill about 3000 feet above sea level.

Marayon Tung:

Marayon Tung also knows as Marayon Dong. Another most beautiful place is Alikadam. The position of this Tung is in Alikadam Upazila in the Mirinja range. The actual height of this mountain is about 1840 feet. It is an excellent place of interest in Alikadam Upazila.

Dumtua/Tuk O/Lamonai Waterfall:

Dumtua Waterfall in a beautiful fall’s in Alikadam. It is 17km away from Alikadam in Adupara.


Bangladesh is the evergreen land of beauty. In this country, the most beautiful tourist destination is the Bandarban district. Under the Chittagong division, this place has full of tourist spots. In Bandarban tourist spot, there is a lot of places that attract the tourist’s eye.

Mountain, waterfall, resort, cottage, hanging bridge what not find in Bandarban? It is as if nature decorates the Bandarban city with its own hands.

If you want to know what place in Bangladesh best for traveling. I would like to appreciate and suggest Bandarban. In the hill district of the Chittagong division, all the most beautiful places are here.

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