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Friends, the topic of our post today is memorization techniques for studying. A big problem for students is “techniques for memorization”. Students can’t memorize reading and keep it permanently in their brains. Being a matter of shame for us. Not letting the class teacher read even when he is at home. So we have discussed, how you can learn memorization techniques for studying. Here are 10 tips for memorizing reading.

Memorization Tips For Studying:

01. Exercise before sitting down to read: Exercise for 10 minutes before sitting down at the reading table. It increases the capacity of the brain. Such as: walking, lifting in Siri, etc. You may think that if you exercise for 10 minutes you will become weak. No, it’s your misconception. Exercise will increase blood flow to your body. Then your brain will get just the right amount of oxygen. Glucose is the only food in our brain. This glucose comes from our blood. This is a technique to improve memory. Studies have shown that walking 10 minutes before reading increases brain function by about 10 percent.

02. Feeling attracted to reading: You need to be attracted to the subject you are going to read. Or try to read in an interesting way. best way to study and memorize One of them. According to medical scientists, when a person is attracted to something, it is easily transformed into memory in the brain and it lasts in memory.

03. Marking: Many of us mark or stain. These are memorization techniques for studying. Marking incAs a result of marking, the brain is attracted to any word or sentence. releases the attraction and interest in a word or sentence. It also increases the visual effects of the brain, which helps to remember reading. As far as we know, if you look too much at anything. It easily moves permanently to the brain.

04. Read aloud: When read aloud, the information enters the head quickly. When Shanen sings such a song, it comes to mind quickly. What you are reading will be quickly memorized if it enters the ear. However, not everyone reads in the same way. If you think, if you read slowly, you will be able to memorize quickly. Then you can do that too.

Memorization techniques for studying:

05. When the teacher himself: If you ask me. What is the best method of memorization?. Then the only answer is to be a teacher yourself. What I have read or learned by myself is well-established in the brain through teaching others. Moreover, as a result of teaching others, one’s skills are revealed. Realize whether reading is well mastered.

06. Choosing the right time to read: The idea of many people to read all day – all night to read more. This is a very wrong idea. Because our brains can’t evermore work the same way. Some studies have shown that reading in the evening or at night is more effective. However, in the scientific explanation, after sleep, Verbelai is considered a suitable time to study. Make it a habit to read in the morning. This is a memorization technique for studying.

07. Take a break from reading: If you read for a long time, you will get restless. Take regular short breaks for this. Take a break after reading for 50-60 minutes. This will allow your brain to load properly. Don’t stress the brain at that time. After one teacher takes 30 to 45 minutes of class at school, it takes 5-10 minutes for another teacher to come. At that time the brain is clear. This can take the brain load later. For this, the teacher took the class in this way.

08. Adequate sleep: Studies have shown that the brain converts any information into memory during sleep. So it is important to get sufficient sleep along with reading to remember to read. Generally, a healthy person should get about 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Less sleep than this reduces the power to remember to read.

memorization techniques for studying09. Practice reading by writing or drawing: As soon as you read something, writing or drawing increases the interest in reading. This is because, according to neuroscience, writing or drawing something stimulates most of the brain space and converts the image into permanent memory. As a result, reading is long-lasting in the brain.

10. Eating right: These are the problems of students in hostels. If you don’t eat regularly, your brain will not work properly. You eat regularly, it is good for the brain. Eat milk, eggs, vegetables. It keeps the brain fresh.

Finally: I have given you tips through memorization techniques for studying posts. Remember it in the right way. It will be very useful to memorize your reading. However, not to mention one. You will take classes every day. In this 50%, reading will be done in school. The remaining 50% is at home.

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