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Written by Naim Hossain

A good and meaningful domain name plays a very important role in ranking your website. Also, a domain name is an entity of your website.

Whenever someone wants to visit your website or search by typing your website name, they will find that website by your domain name.

However, whenever you create a new website on a platform, you can use the subdomain on that platform for free.

Similarly, when you create a Blogger website you get a free subdomain here, through which you can customize your website.

If you want to get a free Blogger subdomain, you can use it for the rest of your life without spending any dollars. However, this domain does not look interesting at all.

Which is why we are thinking of taking a variety of custom domains on the blogger site. But using a custom domain on a blog site is definitely a good thing.

Why not use Blogger’s default domain?

Why would you use a custom domain name even if you already have a free subdomain for life on Blogger?

You see, the name and structure of the subdomain that you get for free on the Blogger site are not desirable at all.

The thing is that this domain is as big as it looks, it is a non-structural domain. This domain name is basically Which is very difficult to type.

Also when you enter this long domain name in the search bar, if any mistake is made from here then no one can digitize your website, it will show an error.

Which is over warming for any visitor, also no one will ever be able to search your domain name for so long. And ranking with this domain name is also a difficult thing to do.

And because of the above, you should never use the default subdomain in Blogger. Because if you change this domain name at some point, all this trouble will go away.

How to get a blogger domain?

If you want to get a custom domain for your Blogger, you can get one from a variety of domain providers around the world.

There are a lot of companies out of these domain providers that have been providing services to you for many years, and their support is very good.

You can also get any top-level custom domain of your choice from all these domain providers at very low prices.

This is a domain and hosting provider company where you can buy a variety of top-level domains at low prices if you want.

If you want to get a domain from this company, you have to pay a different price for each type of top-level domain.

However, at present, if you buy any domain from here, you can buy one of the best and top-level domains of high-quality domain i.e. .com domain for only 8.88$ for one year.

Also very active in supporting them, through them, you can get any problem related to your domain. And you get live support.

You must be surprised to see the domain name of this provider company, that is, their website is named after the domain you came to buy.

And you need to spend 9.99 to about  10$ per year to buy a .com domain here to get a domain name for your Blogger site.


It is a leading website for providing domain and hosting. From where you can buy any kind of domain and hosting.

It is one of the most widely used domain and hosting companies in the world.

You can purchase .xyz domain names and .online domain names from this company for the first year at a cost of just  0.99$.

You will also get very strong discounts on any type of domain at different times. As soon as you get these discounts, choose the domain name of your choice for your blog.

Google Domain

If you want to purchase the best support and high-quality domain from Google, click on the link above.

You can purchase any domain name from Google, but in this case, you will have to spend a few more dollars than other domain providers.

However, you can buy a domain from this domain provider for maximum support and solve any kind of technical problem completely. Because the giant Google is the giant in all cases.


One of the most popular domain providers in the world, from where you can exchange .com domains for the first year for only / 5/6$.

You can also enjoy all the other domain names with huge discounts when you purchase them.

Below are links to other domain providers that allow you to purchase the domain of your choice for your Blogger site.

And if you want, you can easily select a domain name for the Blogger site with the help of the above-mentioned websites. Which is crucial for your site.

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