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The best option to deal with corona-virus (COVID-19): Rapid testing information

The government is finally considering approving rapid antigen and rapid antibody tests to identify Covid-19. It is a message of joy to us in times of trouble. It expected to approve within this month. Bangladesh Corona epidemic has passed almost six months. At present, the capacity of the daily corona test is still limit to 12 thousand to 14 thousand.

The total positivity rate of the Corona test so far is 21%. In this case, it is an alternative and relatively inexpensive method, which is the right time to use. Its use has already begun in other countries.

What is the problem with the quality of the RT – PCR test?

Gold Standard’s RT- PCR test is 20% negative. Therefore, 20 people out of every 100 people, it may happen that, the negative result after the corona test seen that, the corona-virus is present in their body. On the contrary, the ultimate misconception of the RT- PCR is that it may show someone as Covid-19 positive, but in reality, it does not have a high-level virus to infect another person.

The only standard approach so far is that if someone comes in contact with the victim, he or she must stay in the home quarantine for two weeks. If corona symptoms appear in him, then he should be taken to the nearest hospital for immediate examination. Fact, the corona is not the only thing that comes in contact with the victim. Because of re-contact, if someone is infected, they may not have these corona symptoms in their body.

As all economic activities have resumed, the quarantine will make it possible to conduct any activities in offices, factories, service institutions, or educational institutions while maintaining vigilance. Fact, RT- PCR tests are very uncomfortable and very expensive. It requires some materials, including High-quality equipment, a high-quality laboratory, and skilled technicians. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get the results of this test.

Here are just a few of the people who have been tested for Corona-virus suspicion. Testing methods vary in different countries, and all resources for testing vary. Not all data may be here. see below.

 Update of the Corona-virus in Bangladesh and the world.

Worldwide update:

  •  Total infected = 82.1M people.
  • Total Recovered = 46.5M people.
  • Total deaths = 1.79M people.
  • Bangladesh update:
    Total inflected = 511K people.
  • Total recovered = 455K people.
  • Total deaths = 7,509 people.


According to the Health Organization (WHO), Se below for ways to stay healthy from Corona.

  •  Wash your hands thoroughly with regular soap for at least 20
  • Every time before entering the house from outside. Used clothing
    should be cleaned with detergent. Need to use hand sanitizer.
  • Must use face mask all the time.

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  • In case of fever, cold, cough and accompanied by sore throat and
    shortness of breath, emergency services should be consulted at
    the nearest hospital or doctor.
  • Don’t go out of the house unnecessarily. Stay away from crowded

It is possible to recover quickly if you do not panic about the Corona-virus and follow the right rules. A little awareness can protect everyone’s life.

How To Spend Time In Corona’s Situation??

In this lock-down, you can develop skills by doing different types of courses through online live classes. You can spend time talking to everyone in the family, cooking, watching TV, reading storybooks. You can also chat with friends through video conference. Those who are students can revise the books to prepare for the exam.

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