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Cox’s Bazar Tourist Spot; Top 23 Tourist Place You Can Visit

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Cox’s Bazar tourist spot is trendy in the tourism industry of Bangladesh.

About 150 km from Chittagong City (93mi). It is located to the south. Known as Panowa, the district is famous for its sandy beaches. Panowa, which means yellow flower. Cox’s Bazar was earlier named Palongkee.

If you are looking for a beautiful place in Bangladesh, you can visit Cox’s Bazar. In Cox’s Bazar, you can go to as your choice in a lot of sites. Cox’s Bazar beach is world-famous

It is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar beach is a place of tranquility, where all your fatigue will go away. The Bay of Bengal covers a vast area in the south of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a small country in size; there are some beautiful beaches in this country. Here we will discuss some beaches in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar tourist spot: Most Visited Place

1.Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach:

Notable among the Cox’s Bazar tourist spot is Sea Beach. The main tourist attraction is Sea Beach. It is about 150 km long.

Cox's Bazar Sea BeachMarkets, hotels and much more have been built around Sea Beach. There is nothing left that is not sold there. Located in Cox’s Bazar’s main town, this beach is the second largest natural beach globally.

2. Inani Sea Beach:

Inani Sea Beach is an aesthetic sea beach in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. It is located about 20 km east of Cox’s Bazar city. Known as Inani Sea Beach, you will find peace of mind here.

Inani Beach is famous for its coral rocks. That’s why Sea Beach is called Rock and Coral Boulders. The beach here has a lot of big black rocks, which are dead corals.

Cox’s Bazar Tourist Spot; top 23 Tourist Place You Can Visit

Coral stones turn green in the summer and rainy seasons. The water of this beach is of crystal blue color.

3. Laboni Sea Beach:

Laboni Beach is called the main tourist place in Coxs Bazar due to its proximity to Cox’s Bazar city. There are many small and big shops near the beach with various things which attract tourists. Besides, you will find the oyster market here.

Here you will find daily necessities, including ornaments. The goods come from Myanmar, Thailand, China, etc., at the border. This market is full of those decorative items.

4. Kolatoli Sea Beach:

Kolatoli beach is one of the main beaches in Cox’s Bazar tourist spot. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. Many people, including foreigners, come here to watch the sunset and sunrise.

Tourists can enjoy the color-changing view of the beach. Visitors can also enjoy sunbathing, surfing, juggling, cycling, and swimming effortlessly. This beach is the best for swimming and relaxation, which helps to relieve your daily worries.

You will find lots of small shops here; there you will find many gifts. Souvenirs, local cigars, and beauty products (sandals based on wood and smoky), handicrafts, clothing, shoes, and accessories are attractive to tourists.

5. Marine Drive:

Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive is a road about 80 km long. Currently known as the longest marine drive road in the world. On May 6, 2017, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, inaugurated the road. It is also on the list of Cox’s Bazar tourist spots.

6.      Himchori Waterfall and Hill Top:

Himchori is another of Cox’s Bazar tourist spot in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh. This fantastic place is about 12 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar district. In Himachal Pradesh, it is a place where you can see wide beaches, mountains, and waterfalls together.

The main attraction of Himchori is its waterfall. Tourists from far and wide come here to see this fountain. However, other than the rainy season, the showers do not flow.

Yet Himchori attracts the attention of tourists as a natural environment. In addition to the fountain, you will see lots of hills here. There is an excellent opportunity to see both the hill track and the waterfall at the same time.

7. Himchori National Park:

Himchari National Park is located in Himchhari of Cox’s Bazar district. The park was established in 1980, 12 km from Cox’s Bazar city. It is built on an area of ​​about 1729 hectares (17.29 sq km).

The primary purpose of establishing the park is research and teaching, tourism and recreation, wildlife conservation, etc. Surrounded by mixed evergreen forests, the park is easily visible to visitors.

8. Radiant Fish World:

Radiant Fish World was launched in November 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, which is a new addition to Cox’s Bazar Tourist spot. Adjacent to Laboni Beach is this fish world. Good to spend your time here and at the same time learn about marine life, it is a great tourist destination.

Here you will find eco-tourism entertainment as well as navigational information. There are about 200 species of marine animals in the conservation of this Radiant Fish World. You can see many more species, including snails, octopuses, sharks, crabs, shrimps, jellyfish here.

New species are brought here daily for travelers. Many species from about 150 years ago have been preserved in this institution. The entrance has an artificial shark mouth, through which one has to enter.

If you enter this attractively arranged fish world, you will lose in another world. There are many fish and marine plants all over the fish world. For the convenience of the tourists, you can see the nautical map of Marine.

At the very end, you will find a coffee shop and food corner where there is a suitable environment for refreshments. You will also find 3D movie theaters to make your trip more enjoyable.

9. Mermaid Beach Resort:

Many people stay at the hotel to stay there while traveling. Many people travel with their families, looking for a place to stay comfortably with their families. One such tourist attraction spots are the Mermaid Beach Resort

It is located about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar district. Adjacent to the beach, you can book a bungalow, suite, or family room at this resort. You can hear the roar of the sea while sitting in the resort room.

10. 100 Feet Buddha, Ramu Buddhist Temple:

Those who visit Cox’s Bazar can visit the Ramu Buddhist Temple—located at Joarianala, Ramu, a short distance from Cox’s Bazar. It is prevalent among the tourist spots of Cox’s Bazar.

In 2020, a statue of Gautam Buddha erects at the Bhuban Shanti Buddhist Monastery temple in Ramu. Its name is 100 feet Buddhist for being 100 feet tall. It is the largest Buddhist statue in Bangladesh.

11. Sonadia Island:

Sonadia is a small coastal island in Cox’s Bazar. It locates at Kutubjom Union, about 9 square kilometers long. This small Island is in Moheshkhali Upazila, North-West, about 15 km from the district headquarters of Cox’s Bazar.

Sonadia is a densely populated oasis on the south-eastern coast of Bangladesh. Sonadia Eco-Tourism Park is located on the Island to attract tourists. The area of ​​the park is about 9467 acres. Sonadia Island is also known as Sonadia Char.

12. Kana Raja’s Cave:

Cox’s Bazar’s nearly 300-year-old cave Kana Raja’s Cave is one of the tourist spots. This historical cave of Patuar Tek locates in Zalia Palong Union. It is around 25 km away from Laboni Sea Beach.

People think that this is the largest cave in South Asia. But lack of enough take care, most of the tourist don’t know about these tourist place. If you want to enjoy your Cox’s Bazar trip, you must go there. Indeed, you can enjoy nature here.

13. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery:

Aggmeda Khyang Monastery is a magnificent Buddhist Monastery in Cox’s Bazar. Thousands of Buddhists from every corner of the country visit this temple. Mainly this is a prayer hall for Buddhists.

It situates at the bottom of a hill and the middle of a tree. As Cox’s Bazar tourist spot, this place is trendy among foreigners and local people. This Buddhist monastery stands near the Peshkar Para from away from Cox’s Bazar city.

14. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park:

In Bangladesh, this is the first government safari park. People also know this park as Dulahazara Safari Park. This park builds at Chakharia Upazila.

From the port city of Chittagong, this park is away 107 km. If you go to Chittagong, you can smoothly go to the park by car or private vehicles.

15. Teknaf Beach:

Teknaf Sea Beach is a famous beach in Cox’s Bazar tourist spot. Located in Teknaf Upazila, this beach is about 80 km away from Cox’s Bazar district town. Although the beach is immaculate, the number of tourists is not much at a glance. The beauty of Teknaf beach is double for its colorful fishing boats.

16. Moheshkhali Island:

This Island is the only hill island in Bangladesh with its aesthetic beauty. At the top of Mainak Hill is the Adinath Temple, which attracts domestic and foreign tourists’ attention.

The seat of Cox’s Bazar 2 in the Parliament of Bangladesh is Moheshkhali and Kutubdia Island. This place is no less acceptable as a tourist spot in Cox’s Bazar.

17. St. Martin Island:

Martin’s Island is located in the far south of Bangladesh in the northeast of the Bay of Bengal. It extends about 9 km south of Teknaf and 8 km west of Myanmar’s coast to the Naf River’s mouth. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh.

Beaches surround the Island. Teknaf Upazila has located about 35 km from the city. Another name of this attractive Island of Cox’s Bazar tourist spot is Narikel jinjira. The area of ​​this Island is about 16 square kilometers. Here you will find a variety of pleasant environment.

There are beaches in the north, east, west, and south. Also, at the south end of this Island, there is Shah Pari beach.

18. Shah Pari Island:

Shah Pari Island is located on the southern edge of Teknaf Upazila. It is a remote village in Sabrang Union. Shah Pari Island is about 12 km away from Teknaf Upazila. There are beaches throughout the southern part of the Island.

The beach is not very popular with tourists. However, this beach of Cox’s Bazar tourist spot is the right choice for those who like solitary nature. From this small Island, you can easily see the coral Island St. Martin.

19. Darianagar Caves:

As a Cox’s Bazar tourist spot, the Darianagar cave is worth visiting. This place is near the Himchori of Cox’s Bazar. You can view the scenic beauty of the sunset from the top of the cave.

20. Sugandha Beach:

Cox’s Bazar sea beach has many parts. Every part of the sea beach has a significant name. Sughadha beach is one of them. This beach is away from the north of the Kolatoli beach. Tourists are attracted to the adorable beauty of this beach.

21. Burmese Market:

The most famous market in Cox’s Bazar is the Burmese market. Typically, Burmese operate this market. Pickles of this market are most prefers both locals and foreigners.

You will also find daily necessities here like ornaments, clothes, bedsheets, etc. You can hardly find such people who go to Cox’s Bazar but didn’t go to the Burmese market.

22. Kutubdia beach and Island:

This beach also locates in Cox’s Bazar district. The Island covers an area of ​​about 216 square kilometers. It has a 16 km long beach north to south.

The natural scenery, the magnificent beach surround by forest, will give you endless joy. Also, the lifestyle of anglers, the lighthouse easily attracts tourists. You can see a lot of native and guest seabirds here.

The main attraction of this Island is that the work of electricity is done with solar panels. Bangladesh’s largest power plant is located here. You can also visit the Qutub Auliya shrine on this Island beside the beach. You can again come to sea salt farming and lighthouses on this small Island.

23. Lampara Khyang:

It is situated near the Bakkali River at Fatekharkul union. Under the Ramu Pourasova, this place is also known as Cox’s Bazar tourist spot.


Cox’s Bazar’s tourist destinations are unique in the world, including Bangladesh. At the same time, you will enjoy the natural beauty and see the sea, rivers, hills, waterfalls, and historical landmarks. Cox’s Bazar is a place of tranquility where you will find mental bliss.

In Fish World Park, there is a variety of endangered species. There are also opportunities to enjoy the most beautiful views of nature, including archaeological sites. Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is one of the few places in the world where sunset and sunrise can be seen.

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