Diet Plan for Covid-19 Positives

Most Effective and Readily available Diet Plan for Covid-19 Positives You Can’t-Miss

Primary Discussion:

At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis globally and we all are facing a
great challenge. Nutrition works as a vital mechanism to recover from COVID-19 is a
great discussion.

Could we imagine, how much important to change the daily diet plan of COVID-19
positive to fight the virus? Yes, a COVID-19 positive patient has to maintain the most
nutritious dietary intake to recover the virus. In this article, I will focus on some important,
and more effective readily available diet plans for the COVID-19 positive patients. Just
follow this.

Broad Discussion:

A proper diet plan can play an important aspect to determine overall health and
immunity. People who maintain a well-balanced diet tend to be a little risk of different
infectious diseases and they also have strong immune systems. Let’s have a look!

Stay Hydrated every day:

Water: Water transports nutrients and compounds in blood. It can regulate body
temperature and also get rid of waste. So, 10 and more cups of water are essential to drink every day for hydrating our bodies daily.

Fluids: Fruit juice contains water e.g. lemon juice, apple juice, berry juice. But all
should avoid sweetened juice, syrups. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),
a COVID-19 positive patient has to intake a minimum of 2.5 liters of fluids daily.

Protein Diet:

A high-protein diet is very effective to stabilize the more immune system of a COVID-19
positive patient. It boosts the immunity of the body.

Protein Rich Foods:

Khichuri is one of the most important sources of first-class protein (the mixture of lentils
and rice). The Covid-19 Positives patient should intake the different high protein
sources during social isolation guidelines easily with other protein-rich foods and

Immunity-Boosting Foods:

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient that can prevent the common cold and it also has powerful
antioxidants. Vitamin D supplements boost the immune response of people. Zinc is one of
the vital components which can fight different infections of the body. It’s very effective
for aged people.

Elderberry, Turmeric, and Garlic:

Elderberry is full of multi nutrients, antibacterial elements, and other important antiviral
qualities which can fight against influenza and the common cold. Garlic and turmeric carry
antibiotic elements which are powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can boosts

Eat Fresh Foods:

Vegetables and Dry Foods:

The pandemic spreads worldwide like a curse. Nutritious foods can play a vital role to
recover from the infectious virus. Different fresh vegetables, fruits, and multi legumes
like beans and roots like potato, cassava are many nutritious foods should be eaten.

The patient should take nutritious dry foods like brown rice, wheat, oats, etc. Different
animal sources like meat, fish, egg, milk are a much nutritious protein diet that is
helpful for infected people.

Serve amount:

-Fruits 2 cups
-Vegetables 2.5 cups
– Meat and beans 160g
– Grains 180g

Avoid Overcooked:

All people should avoid overcooked vegetables because it can lose the vital vitamins
of the foods.

Avoided Foods:
all cold foods and drinks.
Avoid sugar and all excess sweetened foods.
Avoid excess fatty and oily foods.

All should avoid all alcoholic foods and other addictive substances as well as smoking which weak immunity and lunch capacity.
 Avoid excess salt.

Final Words:
The proper nutrition of foods must improve people’s health conditions and the immunity
system. But it is not sufficient and perfect to recover any disease. Many other
requirements are needed to recover from any infection. People who are Covid-19 Positives have to need more mental support and a properly nutritious diet plan to recover

health conditions properly. Community-based counseling is very important for the support
of the psychosocial development of a Covid-19 Positives patient because mental strength
enhances the immunity system of our body.

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