English Assignment Class 9: Story Writing Nila’s Dream

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The government has already given the 1st English assignment class 9. For Corona, Bangladesh’s education system is under significant threat. As the students have lagged in their studies, so much has been lost in their studies. So the government has taken a great initiative, arranging assignments for the students. So that no harm in the lessons of the students. Today I answered an English assignment for class 9 students.

English Assignment Class 9:


Class 9 English Assignment Solution

Nila is a young girl of 14 is a student of class 9 of Noapara Girls’ High School, Noapara. She was a poor girl but had an aspiration to help her family for a better life. On her way to school, a boy named Alam used to tease her very often. But she didn’t get frustrated; rather she faced boldly. Everyday Alam with some of his friends waited on the way of Nila’s coming.

Alam stopped her and used to tease her in various ways. Nila told him that she had a dream to study higher and requested him to stop this. She also suggested to him to be modest. But he didn’t pay any heed to her words. She thought much over the problem. She also thought that if she took any rapid action against him, he might be more violent.

Thinking much, she informed the matter to the headmaster of her school. Realizing the fact, the headmaster told it of her UNO. Justifying the case’s truth, The UNO led an expedition secretly and arrested Alam and his friends at redheaded. Thus she was able to get rid of this problem. It was her courage and intelligence.


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