How the best fishing lures are made

How best fishing lures are made: It’s easy and fun!

Are you interested to know how fishing lures are made? If the answer is, then you are in the right place. If you like fishing or if you have been fishing before, you must have heard of lures. Fishing lures are one type of man-made baits used to seek the fish’s attention for fishing.

It is attached to the fishing rod and reels for strike fishes to the hook. When fishes see something attractive, they easily fall for it. So, to make your lure more attractive and effective, you must know how best fishing lures are made. It is just a simple article that will guide you on how fishing lures are made very easily.

Lure making basics:

Let’s discuss how best fishing lures are made generally. Fishing lures are generally made of wood, plastic, rubber, or metal like iron, copper. There are two main categories of lures -soft lures and hard lures. Soft lures are made of plastic are rubber and have less durability. Hard lures are made of wood or hard metal and have more resistance against fish’s attack.

Things you need for making lures body:

1.Wood or you can use plastic, rubber
2.dowel rods saw
4.belt sander
5.sanding blocks
8.punches and pin-pricks
9.pilers and cutters
10.dril bits
11.painting tools
12.hook-dressing tool

Hardware for making lures:

There are thousands of accouterments for making lures, and all of them may be seemed useful to you. You have to select these hardware components according to what kinds of lures are you going to make. Here are some important tools that can be attached to the best bait for trout lures body:

Propeller: There are many types and sizes of propellers. It is used for making movement to a lure.

Hook: Hook is a small curved piece of metal attached to the fishing line and used for impaling fishes in
the mouth or jagging their body.

Spit rings: Spits rings are used to attach a hook to an eye screw

Bibs: It is the area on the front of the lures, and it forces the lure to tip up at the stable point while being
trolled. The size of the surface area of bibs determined how deep a lure will dive.

Hook hangers: Hook hanger is used to attach a hook to the lure body.

Lure eyes: There are lure eyes of different colors and shapes. The lure eye makes the illusion of real fish
in the lure.

Eye screws: Screw eyes are used to attach other hardware objects to the lure.

Driving lip: Lip gives the lures its distinctive function and makes side to side motion to the lures. So, that,
no matter how fast you reel, the lures won’t skip out of water. Different lips angles set the different diving depths of the lures.

Making best fishing lures step-by-step

Here we will describe step-by-step how fishing lures are made.

Step 1: shape the lure body!

You can use a dowel rod or a small piece of wood and have to shape them using your heavy flat sander. Draw a pencil line in two edges of the body that will guide you for rounding off the head and tapering the tail.

Step 2: polish up the body

Using a foam-core enemy board smooth out the roughness of the body. You don’t need to have a mirror-finish body; just eliminate any sharp areas, scratches, etc.

Step 3: drilling the pilot hole

Then you have to make holes into the body for attaching hardware (hook, eye screw, lure eye, etc.).
Before making holes, you should mark those points with a pencil for splitting the lure body in half

Step 4: painting the lure

Now you have to paint the lure body. You can use white as the base color then let it dry. After that, you
can apply bright colors like green, orange, yellow, and then draw scales of fish using black color and make then skin surface smooth and realistic with brushes.

Fix the lure eye in the hole and make sure to let the colors dry completely before the next step.

Step 5: Installing the hardware

As the final step, now you have to add some hardware. Add the propeller at the back end and make sure
it can move freely. Then fix the hook on the belly and also attach bibs at the front. Attach eye screw and
fix hook hanger with the hook.

Making different types of best fishing lures :

There are different types of fishing lures according to materials, shapes, and sizes.

1.Jig fishing lure

It is one type of fishing lure with a jig that creates vertical motion to attract fishes. Make the lure with a soft body and attach a lead weight to the head.

2.Surface lure
To make it, you have to attach more blades that spin and make noise. Surface lure attracts fishes by creating noise.

3.Spoon fishing lure
Make the lure body shaped like a spoon with reflecting metal to attract fishes.

4.Fishing lure spinnerbait
You have to attach a silicon skirt hook with it to make the lure more attractive. You can use various materials, such as dyed feathers or plastic fibers, to make the skirt.

5.Plug fishing lures
Make the lure body with lightweight materials like balsa or plastic. Attach a thin sheet of plastic or metal lip in front of the body. Add two or three hooks and fix an eyelet with the hook.

If fishing is your hobby, you must know how best fishing lures are made. Since there are many types of lures with different features, basic manufacturing processes are the same. You have to choose your right lure for fishing, considering cost, availability, and effectiveness. Artificial lures can use repeatedly for a long time. So, using fishing can be more relaxing than natural baits.

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