How To Stop Pregnancy After A Day: Best 5 Ways

Nowadays most of the couple doesn’t want a baby at their early age of married life. So it should be known for everyone how to stop pregnancy after a day.

The newly married couple wants to enjoy their newly married life very well. They want to spend more time with each other. They want to have children with proper planning. And now proper family planning is common for everyone. Most of the people of our society are educated. They have proper knowledge about the value of family planning. Besides now there is no pressure is created on the newly married couple from the elders of the family. Now everybody avoids superstition. 

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. But sometimes accidentally it happens while having sex. But that is not a matter of tension. Because still after a day of pregnancy it can be stopped. You just need to know how to stop pregnancy after a day. To prevent unwanted pregnancy we will show you the 5 best and effective ways.

How To Stop Pregnancy After A Day 5 Ways


The best way to prevent or stop unwanted pregnancy is a condom. There are many other ways to stop pregnancy, but a condom is the most effective way. There is no risk issue with using condoms. This the only method where no side effects or risk issues. If you want to prevent pregnancy naturally, then you have to avoid sex during the ovulation period. But it is very difficult to know when the period is starting of ovulation. So using condoms is the safest way while having sex. It will help you to protect both pregnancy and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

In research, it is said that condoms are 80% effective against pregnancy. Most condoms are made of latex. But many people have allergies to latex. For them, they have other options. But they are very rare on the market. Latex condoms are available everywhere. You can buy condoms from any pharmacy without any prescriptions. It is permitted by the government to sell condoms without any prescriptions. But people aged under 18 cannot buy condoms. This is restricted to them by the government of our country.

How To Use CondomsHow to use condoms:

To prevent pregnancy by using a condom you have to put it on correctly. Otherwise, it will not work as well. To put the condom on correctly-

  • Open the packet of condom
  • Place the tip to your steep penis keeping the rolled part outside
  • Press smoothly to remove air from the inside of the condom
  • Roll it down till the last of your penis

Only the putting process is not everything for a condom. You have to also take care of other things related to condoms. The most important is you have to choose the right condom. Neither too big nor too small of your penis. It should be the perfect size according to your penis.

If it is too small it could be broken down or if it is too big then it may fall off. One thing you have to keep in mind that it should be taken off correctly after sex. Hold the base before you take it off. Never use a used condom and also never reuse it. Before using a condom if there is any hole or tear. And the most important is to check out the expiration date before buying a condom. Always remember to keep it in a dry and cool place.

2.Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive pills are another way of controlling pregnancy. There are many rules and regulations. You can not skip a dose or cant miss a pill anyway. If you miss a dose then it will not work properly and you might get pregnant. But if you miss a dose of your pill you can follow the prescription that how to take a catch-up dose of your birth control pill. There is full direction is given. But it is strictly said that don’t forget any dose of your pills. You have to take the pills every day at the same time. 

The pill is made by mixing both progesterone and estrogen hormones. The mix of both hormones thicken mucus in your cervix, stop ovulation, and also change the lining of your uterus. But it is a matter of risk that there are many side effects of taking these pills. It changes the hormonal interactions of your body. Sometimes people get crabbed mood for taking these pills. It also spoils the internal growth of the body. The worst thing is for taking these pills sometimes people can’t conceive anymore.

Name Of Pills TO Prevent Pregnancy

Name Of Pills TO Prevent Pregnancy:

There are so many types of birth control pills. Using these pills you can stop pregnancy after a day. Which type you will use is your personal decision. We are describing to you some of them-

Combination Pills:

Combination pills are made of synthetic forms. They contain both hormones. Every pill is active in containing its hormones. There are several types of these pills. 

  • Monophasic Pills- These are used in one month cycle when you are going through your period.
  • Multiphasic pills- These pills are also used in one month cycle. They are taken on the last days of your period. 
  • Extended Cycle Pills- They are uses in a 13-week cycle. As a result of taking these pills, you will have your period 3 or 4th time in a year. 

Some brands name of combination pills is- Azurette, Beyaz, Enpresse, Estrostep Fe, Kariva.

Progestin Only Pills:

These pills only contain progestin. In these pills, there is nowhere estrogen. Another name of these pills is mini pills. The women who have health issues with estrogen can take these pills built with progestin. This will be the best choice for them. 

Examples of progestin-only pills are- Camila, Errin, Heather, Jencycla, Nor-QD

3.How to avoid pregnancy naturally

There are many people who don’t know how to stop pregnancy after a day. For them, there are some natural ways to stop pregnancy. But they are not sure of ways to avoid pregnancy. These ways don’t use any device or any elements. They are also low or free of cost. Some of the natural ways are described below-

Fertility Awareness:

This method is based on own body. While using these methods you need to be careful. At the time of having sex, you need to be conscious. This is a simple way that you will skip sex during your ovulation days. By doing this you can control your pregnancy.

Rhythm Method:

In this method, you need to track your period days for 6 to 12 months before having sex. Then you can apply this formula. 

  • Deduct 18 days from your shortest cycle number of days.
  • Count those days after you finish your period. That is your fertile day. 
  • Deduct 11 days from your longest cycle number of days.
  • Count those days from your starting of the period. That is your last fertile day.
  • Don’t have sex between your last and first fertile days.

You need to be very sure about tracking your period days. To be sure you can take time as you want. There is no hurry at all. 

Standard Days Method:

This is also like the rhythm method. But it is easier. Its time limitation starts from after the day of the period. And it ends on the 19th day of the period. It is easier to calculate. 

Natural Family Planning:

If you are properly educated then you must know about family planning. If you do proper family planning and decide not to get pregnant now and if your partner agrees with you. Then you can use this natural way. Your partner will have to just discharge his sperm outside your vagina. Thus you will not be pregnant. But in this matter, you both have to be very careful. 


This is another way of preventing pregnancy. This method is prescribed by the doctors. Doctors will checkup the woman properly and then suggest an injection for birth control. Birth control injections are given by the doctors every 12 weeks. It is over 90 percent effective to prevent pregnancy. But one thing should be noted that it may take 10 months or longer than that to be normal after stop taking injections. You have to wait for some time to conceive then. The shots of progestin are given on your arm or any rear part of your body.

How to use injectionsHow to use injections

Birt control injections last for 12 or 13 weeks. That’s why every 3 months after you have to inject one-shot for birth control. The doctor will prescribe you when and how you have to take this. And the injection process will be done by the doctors. So you need not worry about this. They will inject you the dose very carefully. But if you try this at home it can be harmful to you. But there are also side effects of injections. 

5.Contraceptive Ring

The contraceptive rings exactly look like an elastic band. These rings are made for women. It is very flexible to insert it into your vagina. After inserting it in your vagina it will slowly release progestin and estrogen hormones inside your body to prevent pregnancy. You can wear 1 ring for 3 weeks and have to put it off on the first of the fourth week. It is when you finish your period. Rings prevent the sperm from getting inside the vagina.

How to use Contraceptive Ring

How to use Contraceptive Ring

The ring creates a wall into your vagina to prevent the sperms from your partner. To wear this ring at first you have to wash your hand nicely. Then squeeze the ring between your finger and push it up inside your vagina. Push the ring until it sitting up and you are comfortable. You need not take it off after having sex. You can leave it for 3 weeks. After your period you have to take it off. It should be noted that take advice from doctors before taking rings and follow the instructions of the doctor properly. 

Every people should have knowledge about how to stop pregnancy after a day in this age. Couples of this society can enjoy their married life if they have this knowledge. Nowadays this has become compulsory for every couple to know about this topic.


1.Do salt and water prevent pregnancy?

Ans: No, salt and water cant prevent pregnancy at all. 

2.What should be eaten to avoid pregnancy?

Ans: There are some specific foods that can prevent pregnancy. They are Papaya, Ginger, Cinnamon, Juniper berries, Neem, Pineapple, etc. These foods should be eaten to avoid pregnancy.

3.What food can abort a month’s pregnancy?

Ans: The foods that can abort a month’s pregnancy are Apricot, Dried Figs, Asafoetida, Parsley, Buckwheat, Wild Yam, Indian Turnip, etc. They are essential to abort the pregnancy after getting a month pregnant.

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