HSC/Alim Result

HSC board challenge Result 2020

HSC board challenge Result 2020

It is also known as HSC Board Challenge or HSC Recruiting. After the HSC results are published, the HSC Board Challenge or Recruiting process is started. If you feel that the current result is not correct or not completely satisfactory. Then you can do this challenge to re-examine the test paper. However, you can challenge the HSC Result Board by applying for the HSC Result Challenge. 

Here we have discussed all the types of process, SMS method, and upload process. Read more to see the process.

NOTE: Cancel the HSC exam of 2020, so there will be no problem with the result this year. Since the result will be based on JSC/JDC and SSC points, there will be no need to challenge the board this year.

What is the Result Rescrutiny challenge?

Many students are not satisfied after the results are published. A lot of times the wrong result shows. Never fail again which is not acceptable to the examinee. To solve all these problems, the board challenge is the application that is made to the board authority to recover the result. This board challenge is called Result Rescrutiny, Result Board
Challenge, Result Recheck, Khata Challenge, etc.

In this process, the board authorities re-verified the answer sheets and recovered the correct result.

When and why will the HSC board challenge?

After the HSC result is published, this board can be challenged only if the result is not satisfactory or the passed subject fails, or A + does not appear. Many students do not challenge this out of fear. It is only natural that people will make mistakes.

The board challenge in Bangladesh has happened before and many students have re-passed. So for this reason, if there is any kind of doubt about the result then the board should be challenged. It will be removed in the skepticism of the mind and the correct results will recover.

HSC Result Board Challenge Method:

Do you know all the details about the HSC board challenge method? We think all students should know this. Because you can’t make this application if you don’t know about the board challenge.  You can’t do the HSC Result Board Challenge on your
own, by going to the Board of Education. This is an HSC result review process. To do this you need to follow some rules. And have to go through a channel.

HSC Result Challenge Application Deadline:

Board authorities give HSC results a special opportunity to challenge the board. And these results keep the scope of the challenge open for a limited time.  So you need to know about the timing of the board challenge before you can make this application.

Once the time is up, the application is no longer accepted. We will tell you how to find out about this time. You don’t have to worry about the School Results in the 2020 Board Challenge. We will update the date in due course.

We know that the Board of Education offers 6/7 days for the application for reconsideration of the result after publishing the result of the HSC examination. That
means you will have time until the third week of July 2020.  But since the HSC exam has not been done yet, its time has also been extended.

HSC Result Rechecking Cost:

Many people do not know how much it can cost to apply? This causes a lot of confusion. You will need one (150 tk) for each subject. And the fee will be deducted from your phone balance. We can see this result using two methods.


HSC Results 2020 can be tested online and in many other ways. Most of the HSC results are repeated online. There is another way that everyone should know. Because if you are not able to do the job, you will fail to do the job properly at the right time.

The only way to challenge the HSC results board is to apply via SMS on mobile. There is usually no other way to re-determine results. Only Teletalk subscribers get this opportunity.  It is not legal to use the SIM of any other mobile company for this
process. So to challenge the HSC results to board you will need a Teletalk SIM.

How to Apply the HSC Result Board Challenge

You already know a lot about the HSC board challenge. Here’s how to apply now. The
application form for HSC Result Board Challenge is different from any other form. you have to go to the message option of the mobile and type a message. For this, there are some requirements or rules.

First, determine how many topics you want to re-examine. An adequate amount of money 150 tk for each subject should be on your mobile as a result retention fee. Because the authorities will cut this fee per subject from your mobile phone.

You must know the HSC subject code and fill it incorrectly.

education board will need a short-code.

A short chord of your education board.

And you need an active mobile content number. If you have completed the form as per the above rules, your application form will be completed.

Remember, you need to send two SMS to apply in this manner.

SMS System: 1 st step

First, go to the message option of your mobile.
Write RSC and give space.
the shortcode on your board and enter the space.
Write the roll number of the HSC exam and give space again.
Now enter the subject code. (Note: If you want to apply for more subjects at once, you have to enter the subject code one by one after the (comma).

Send the SMS to 16222.

Look SMS format:

RSC <Space> Board Name Short Code <Space> HSC Roll Number <Space> Subject Code and Send to 16222.

For example:/ RSC DHA 123456 101 [For one subject]

When you finish everything correctly, you will get a PIN. And then you have to send the second SMS again.

SMS system: 2 nd step:

Write RSC and give space.

YES and again give a space.

Type the provided pin and again give another space.

at last, give an active mobile number (any company mobile operator) to contact you.

And send to SMS 16222

Look SMS Format:

RSC<Space>YES<Space>PIN<Space>0170000000 For example:/ RSC YES 1234 017000000000

This board challenge is called ResuHSC board challenge Result 2020

This way you can finish the SMS process correctly. Confirm message will come to the contact number in due time.

Shortcode of all boards:

Education Board of Dhaka – DHA
Education Board of Barisal – BAR
Sylhet Education Board – SYL

Education Board Comilla – COM

Rajshahi Education Board – RAJ
Education Board of Jessore – JES
Board of Chittagong – CHI
Dinajpur Education Board – DIN
Board of Madrasah – MAD

Check the HSC Board Challenge Result:

The HSC recurrence results are published within 30 days of the publication of the original results of each Board of Education. Also, the information about the publication of results is communicated directly to the applicant via SMS to the contact number provided.

The results of the HSC review will be published in August 2020. You can see this result through our site. So to know the result of the HSC Result Board Challenge, you should follow this post regularly.


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