HSC Exam 2020 Announcement to cancel

All students had various curiosities about the HSC test. After a long break, there was a lot of criticism about the HSC exam 2020.

Finally, (Dipu Moni), the Minister of Education Board of Bangladesh made a special announcement about the HSC examination.

At a press conference at 1 pm on Wednesday, the Education Minister of the Board of Education Dipu Moni announced the cancellation of the “HSC Exam 2020″. The Ministry of Education announced the decision regarding HSC and equivalent examinations. He further said that despite the announcement of the cancellation of SSC and equivalent examinations this year, the university admission test will be held in a short time. Do not do it because of the situation, he has made this decision.

Although the SSC and equivalent examinations are scheduled for the second week of November, the decision has been re-announced. So far no attitude of the students has been seen in this regard.

How will the HSC exam 2020 be evaluated? 

Dipu MONO said that based on the average of JSC-JDC, SSC, or equivalent examination results, HSC result 2020 will be published. He did not comment on the effect the results could have on students’ lives. However, he said that the method of announcing the results as appropriate.
Based on the results of the HSC examination which will be announced, all the students in the university will be able to get admission to the admission test. Whether the university admission will be through the 2020 exam, or whether it will be evaluated, is not yet clear.

HSC ADMISSION 2020: The Minister of Education further said that in case of university admission test, the cluster method will be followed or the universities will take the admission tests by adopting their own process, it will tell the situation.

There is still plenty of time on hand for university admissions. Understanding the situation, the right decision can be made. This year a committee will be formed to advise on matters relating to university admissions, determining the method of assessing the number of students in the previous two public examinations as well as grades.

And the final decision will be taken on the advice of that committee. Since the HSC exam is not taking place, the main step in evaluating a student will be university admission. In this case, the decision of the advisory committee of the university will be given more importance. 

The Education Minister further said that, since the results will be released on an average basis. Therefore the decision will be made on the student sections. Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Secretary for Secondary and Higher Education Mahbub Hossain, Secretary for Technical and Madrasa Education Aminul Islam Khan, and chairmen of all education boards were present at the press conference.

A total of 13 lakh 75 thousand 78 candidates were to participate in this HSC-equivalent examination of 2020. Of these, 10 lakh 79 thousand 160 are regular students and 2 lakh 8 thousand 205 are irregular students. Some unsuccessful students were also required to take the test. There were 3,391 private examinees and 16,625 due to bad results. Students will not have to suffer from the “HSC exam 2020 University Admission test.


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