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HSC Result 2020 Education Dhaka board

Today we will talk about HSC Result 2020 Dhaka board. Published Date January 2021.

All the students are very worried about their results after taking the test. They don’t see their full mark sheet after the results are published, so they are disappointed.

You have chosen the right website to solve this problem. We have given all the solutions to your problems on this site. Corona is currently in a crisis. Therefore, the HSC result in 2020 has been postponed. Due to the untimely examination, the HSC result Dhaka Board has not been published.

A rumor has spread on Facebook though that the HSC exam will be held on 15th August. But this is fabricated information. Bangladesh Education Board has not issued any notice in this regard. However, the idea is that the HSC exam in September could be 2020. If the severity of Covid-19 remains the same, the test may be postponed again.

How to see HSC Result 2020:

You can view HSC Result 2020 in two ways if you want. One through a website and the other through SMS on mobile. The details are given below.

Online System: If you want to see the results online, first you have to enter the official website of Dhaka Board, after entering a category will show in front of you. From there select the result option.

Mention your roll, registry number, board, and year in the form that will appear. Then submit. Please wait for the result to come. Web site links Dhaka board result. https://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd

hsc result dhaka board

If you fail, please imitate the second method.

SMS process: It’s a system easy to find. Many times online to see the results online, the network has trouble but there is no problem in this method.

Go to the message (SMS) option of your hand mobile phone then send SMS according to the following rules. HSC/Alim <space> first three letters of Board name DHA <space> Roll no <space> 2020 then send to 16222 number.

dhaka education board result

But now you can’t see HSC Result 2020 even if you want to. Because the test did not happen because of Corona. But in the same way, you can see the results of the previous year.

education board Dhaka’s result information:

HSC result 2011 Average

Appeared : 203,733
Passed : 156,720
Failed : 47,013
A+ : 17,674
GPA  Rate : 8.68 %

HSC result 2012 Average

Appeared : 229,153
Passed : 187,474
Failed : 41,679
A+ : 24,937
GPA  Rate : 10.88 %

HSC result 2013 Average

Appeared : 263,620
Passed : 195,358
Failed : 68,262
A+ : 24,442
GPA  Rate : 8.51 %

HSC result 2014 Average

Appeared : 297,970
Passed : 252,016
Failed : 45,954
A+ : 32,016
GPA  Rate : 10.74 %

HSC result 2015 Average

Appeared : 274,147
Passed : 187,086
Failed : 87,061
A+ : 18984
GPA  Rate : 6.92 %

HSC result 2016 Average

Appeared : 337,019
Passed : 274,023
Failed : 44,969
A+ : 28,227
GPA  Rate : 8,89 %

HSC result 2017 Average

Appeared : 333,738
Passed : 232,741
Failed : 100,997
A+ : 18,930
GPA  Rate : 5.67 %

HSC result 2018 Average

Appeared : 379,760
Passed : 244,572
Failed : 125,248
A+ : 12,938
GPA  Rate : 3.5 %

HSC result 2019 Average

Appeared : 393,835
Passed : 279,979
Failed : 113,856
A+ : 18,187
GPA  Rate : 4.62 %

Dhaka education board’s short information:

Dhaka Board of Education On 7 May 1921, the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education was established. The board controlled the higher

secondary colleges in Dhaka as well as the higher secondary colleges in Greater Bengal. In September 1947, the Dhaka Board was dissolved by the order of an official GOV notice. Then it was restarted in 1961.

All the students under Dhaka Board will be able to know their results from the official website of the Dhaka Board.

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