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HSC Result 2020 Jessore board

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HSC Result Jessore board. Published Date January 2021.

What can happen in this exam? HSC The result of 2020 has been postponed due to corona. The HSC exam will start very soon after the horror of Corona is reduced.

However, the students have got more opportunities to study than before, so it is expected that HSC Result 2020 will give much better results. As the 2020 exam was not on time, the test results were not released. However, it is expected that the test will be held in September.

After the end of the test, almost all the candidates are thinking. They are not aware of the results. So here are two easy ways to see the results.

How to see HSC Result 2020:

You can view HSC Result 2020 Jessore board in two ways if you want. One through a website and the other through SMS on mobile. The details are givennbelow.

Online result method: If you want to see your results online, first you have to enter the official website of Jessore Board, after entering a category will show in front of you. From there select the result option.

Mention your roll, registry number, Jessore board first 3 letters, and year in the form that will appear. Then submit. Please wait for the result to come. Web result with site links Jessore Board.

hsc result Jessore board

If you fail, please imitate the second method.

SMS process: It’s a system easy to find. some times to see the exam results online, the network has trouble but there is no problem with this method.

At first, Go to the SMS option of your mobile phone then send SMS according to the following rules.

HSC/Alim <space> first three letters of Board name JES <space> Roll no <space> 2020 then send to 16222 number.

hsc result sms method

But now you can’t see HSC Result 2020 even if younwant to. Because the test did not happen because of Corona. But in the same way, you can see the results of the previous year.

Jessore Board Result information:

HSC result 2011 Average

Appeared : 83,181
Passed : 52,859
Failed : 30,322
A+ : 3,383
GPA  Rate : 4.07 %

HSC result 2012 Average

Appeared : 101,565
Passed : 67,828
Failed : 33,737
A+ : 4,876
GPA  Rate : 4.8 %

HSC result 2013 Average

Appeared : 110,616
Passed : 74,822
Failed : 35,794
A+ : 4,743
GPA  Rate : 4.29 %

HSC result 2014 Average

Appeared : 115,013
Passed : 69,702
Failed : 45,311
A+ : 4,239
GPA  Rate : 3.69 %

HSC result 2015 Average

Appeared : 114,279
Passed : 53,233
Failed : 61,046
A+ : 1,944
GPA  Rate : 1.7 %

HSC result 2016 Average

Appeared : 132,447
Passed : 110,068
Failed : 223,379
A+ : 4,331
GPA  Rate : 3.5 %

HSC result 2017 Average

Appeared : 102,438
Passed : 67,071
Failed : 35,367
A+ : 2,459
GPA  Rate : 2.4 %

HSC result 2018 Average

Appeared : 120,644
Passed : 67,033
Failed : 53,611
A+ : 2,411
GPA  Rate : 2 %

HSC result 2019 Average

Appeared : 126,391
Passed : 95,525
Failed : 30,866
A+ : 5,325
GPA  Rate : 4.21 %

jessore education board short information:

The Jessore Board is the Board of Secondary and Higher Education. Jessore Board is an autonomous body of Bangladesh. Two public examinations (SSC and HSC) are held and.  The Jessore Board has recognized the newly established private educational institutions. This board is located inside the Khulna division.

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