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HSC Result 2020 technical Board

HSC Result technical Board in Bangladesh. Published Date January 2021.

The results of the technical Education Board and General HSC results are published simultaneously. The 2020 test was not on time. So the ensue go on delayed. The only reason for this is COVID-19. The test is done, the results will be announced as soon as it is published.

How to see HSC Result technical Board:

The results of the Technical Education Board are usually viewed in a manner. These technical results are published online. From there the PDF file can be downloaded and viewed or can be viewed directly by entering the better website according to the following rules.

See Online process: If you want to see the results online, first you have to enter the official website of the technical education Board, after going the category will show in front of you. From there select the result option. Selected exam type, and select your exam year, at last type your roll number. Then submit.

Technical education board

Please wait for the result to come. Web result with site links technical education Board. Http://www.bteb.gov.bd

If you can’t do it this way, See the mobile process below.

SMS process: The result of the technical education board cannot be seen in the SMS system. It is only seen online. But now you can’t see the technical education board HSC Result 2020 even if you want to. Being the test did not happen because of Corona. But in some way, you can see the results of the previous year.

HSC result 2020 Technical Board

HSC Result

Technical education board result information:

HSC result 2011 Average

Appeared : 19,111
Passed : 13,784
Failed : 5,427
A+ : 482
GPA  Rate : 2.51 %

HSC result 2012 Average

Appeared : 23,125
Passed : 17,957
Failed : 5,168
A+ : 744
GPA  Rate : 9.59 %

HSC result 2013 Average

Appeared : 98,839
Passed : 84,823
Failed : 14,016
A+ : 4,946
GPA  Rate : 5 %

HSC result 2014 Average

Appeared : 107,850
Passed : 91,989
Failed : 15,861
A+ : 6,606
GPA  Rate : 6.13 %

HSC result 2015 Average

Appeared : 100,800
Passed : 86,781
Failed : 14,019
A+ : 6,509
GPA  Rate : 6,46 %

HSC result 2016 Average

Appeared : 104,836
Passed : 89,181
Failed : 15,655
A+ : 7,004
GPA  Rate : 6,68 %

HSC result 2017 Average

Appeared : 99,465
Passed : 80,659
Failed : 18,806
A+ : 2,741
GPA  Rate : 2.76 %

HSC result 2018 Average

Appeared : 115,967
Passed : 87,385
Failed : 28,582
A+ : 3,354
GPA  Rate : 2.89 %

Technical education board result in short information:

The Bangladesh Board of Education was established on 1st June 1954. Abbreviation for BTEC. The Bangladesh Board of Technical Education (BTEB) is a state regulatory body that acts as a facilitator for the strengthening and development of technical education and vocational education at the secondary level throughout the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Technical board official website link is:
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