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Hsc result 2021 in Bangladsh Education Board

Hsc result 2021 Bangladesh Education Board Published Date.

HSC Exam Results 2021 under the Bangladesh Education board, publish the exam results on the official site of Bangladesh Education Board. All HSC results will be published in the Bangladesh Education Board. As the results will be published through the official website.

Therefore students can get HSC exam results 2021, directly from our site (high school testimonials) and exam results can get very easily. All types of Bangladesh Education Board results and the latest update notification will be available first on our site.

If you come looking for your HSC exam result 2021, I will say that you have come to the right place. We add HSC Results 2021 for our readers for their convenience. We express these results in two ways. One is Online and the other is through SMS on mobile.

About 13 lakh 11 thousand 457 students have taken part in the Higher Secondary Examination this year. Among them, 5.54 lakh boys and 5.65 lakh girls took part in the HSC examination. This is the highest number of examinations under the Board of Education of Bangladesh. allresultnews.com is an alternative website to get the results of the Bangladesh Education board.

What is the meaning of HSC?

The full form of HSC meaning is the Higher School Certificate. The Higher Secondary Certificate is very important for the students of HSC Exam 2021 under all the Boards of Education.

After two years of study, all the students of HSC took part in this exam. At present, due to the effect of Corona, the date of publication of the results has been delayed. because the 2021 result could not be held on time.

At the end of class XI and XII, every candidate takes part in this HSC examination to check the quality of the study. The results are based on the quality of the study. Then why are you late! Read more details below and quickly check your test results for free. Click here to see the complete result and information about the result by clicking here.

HSC exam 2021 How many students will participate in total?

  • Total students : 13,11,457
  • Number of participating boys: 667,481
  • Number of participating girls: 643, 007
  • Total institutions: 7, 541
  • Number of Education boards: 10

How to view the HSC exam 2021 test results?

Test results can be obtained using two methods. You can easily see the results in any one method. One is the online method and the other is the massage option method on mobile.

1. web based result publication system for education boards:

First, know the site of the Bangladesh Education Board. Then click on the check result option. A form will appear where you mention your roll number + registration number + year + and board. Then do all Okey and wait to see the result. http://www.educationboardresults.gov.bd/ 

The above link is the website  Education Board HSC result mark sheet

2.Mobile SMS method:

hsc result bangladesh board

Free results will not be seen in this method. First, know the message option of your mobile. And massage according to the following rules.

HSC/Alim <space> first three letters of Board name <space> Roll no <space> 2021 then send to 16222 number.

hsc result sms method

Education Board shortcode:

HSC result published date 2021:

Higher school certificate examinations are usually published within 60 days. But due to COVID-19, the Bangladesh Board of Education is not able to publish the results of 2021 at the right time. However, the authorities have announced that if the environmental conditions return to normal, the results of all public examinations will be released sooner than in previous years.

Last year, the results of the HSC exam were released on July 17. The release of the 2021 HSC results could be somewhat delayed due to the corona virus. This year, SSC tests have been done at the right time. But it is believed that HSC Exam Result may be in starting September 2021.

This is the only Bangladesh Education Board that will determine it. The higher secondary results are expected to be published in the third week of September 2020. But when the right date will be announced, you will find out from our site. After the announcement of the Bangladesh Education Board, we will quickly update here.

Some brief descriptions of Bangladesh Education all Boards.

HSC result Dhaka Board

The Board of Higher Secondary and Secondary Education is responsible for running all public schools except public English-medium schools and madrasas. The highest success rate so far has been recorded in Dhaka Board, in 2020 84.54 percent of students have succeeded. The results of the HSC examination of the Dhaka Board are published on their official website.


HSC result Rajshahi Board

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Rajshahi, an autonomous body of Bangladesh is primarily responsible for recognizing and supervising public examination HSC and newly established private educational institutions. HSC results of Rajshahi Board of Education can be seen on their official website.


HSC result Comilla Board

Comilla Board publishes all types of Secondary and Higher Secondary, HSC results. This is the official website of the board.


HSC result Chittagong Board

The Chittagong Board started its activities in 1995. It is an autonomous body in the field of education and management in Bangladesh. HSC candidates will be able to receive their results from their examination centers and institutions. Chittagong Board of Education HSC results may be published in August 2020. Their official website is


HSC result Barisal Board

Barisal Board of Higher Secondary Education started its activities in 1999. All the results of HSC can be seen on this board. This official website is also helpful.


HSC result Sylhet Board

This Board of Education was established in 1999. All the students of the Sylhet Board will be able to collect
their results from this board. This is the website of the board.


HSC result Jessore Board

The Jessore Board Ordinance was amended in 1962 and 1977. All the candidates under Jessore Board will know the results under this board. There are 523 colleges under this board.


HSC result Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Board was established in 2006. The results of this board are very satisfying. The previous year Hsc passed 70.43% of the indirect. Official website official website.


Alim result Madrasha board

 The Madrasa Board provides the results of the Alim examination and the Technical Board publishes the HSC BM results. However, the results of all the boards of education will be published at the same time.


HSC result Technical Board 

Department of Technical Education is a department of the Department of Technical and Madrasa Education under the Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It was established in 1980.
Online is a reliable way to get all the results of the Board of Education. The results of all technical tests are published on the Internet.


If you read this post, you can easily find out the Hsc result in 2021. Since here is a summary of all the boards. Stay tuned to our site to get all the information and updates related to your test results. Stay with us to get all the information updates of the HSC exam result 2021.

See the results of the previous year from here.

HSC Result 2011 average

Total Appeared: 676,839
Total Passed: 501,812
Total Failed: 175,027
Total A+: 37,029
Pass Rate:
Fail Rate: 25.86%
Institutes:  5,687

HSC Result 2012 Average

Total Appeared: 805,736
Total Passed: 626,879
Total Failed: 178,879
Total A+: 56,057
Passed  Rate: 77.8 %
Failed Rate: 22.2 %
GPA 5 Rate : 6.96 %
Institutes: 5,787

HSC Result 2013 Average

Total Appeared: 1,008,828
Total Passed: 750,156
Total Failed: 258,672
Total A+: 58,895
Passed  Rate: 74.36 %
Failed Rate: 25.64 %
GPA 5 Rate : 5.84 %
Institutes: 7,724

HSC Result 2014 Average

Total Appeared: 1,124,781
Total Passed: 880,619
Total Failed: 244,162
Total A+: 70,439
Passed  Rate: 78.29 %
Failed Rate: 21.71 %
GPA 5 Rate : 6.26 %
Institutes: 7,943

HSC Result 2015 Average

Total Appeared: 1,067,085
Total Passed: 743,454
Total Failed: 323,631
Total A+: 43,323
Passed  Rate: 69.67 %
Failed Rate: 30.03 %
GPA 5 Rate : 4.06 %
Institutes: 8,357

HSC Result 2016 Average

Total Appeared: 1,209,807
Total Passed: 904,456
Total Failed: 305,351
Total A+: 58,949
Passed  Rate: 74.76 %
Failed Rate: 25.24 %
GPA 5 Rate : 4.87 %
Institutes: 8,570

HSC Result 2017 Average

Total Appeared: 1,174,024
Total Passed: 804,140
Total Failed: 369,884
Total A+: 38,053
Passed  Rate: 68.49 %
Failed Rate: 31.51 %
GPA 5 Rate : 3.24 %
Institutes: 8,831

HSC Result 2018 Average

Total Appeared: 1,296,907
Total Passed: 856,950
Total Failed: 439,957
Total A+: 30,482
Passed  Rate: 66.08 %
Failed Rate: 33.92 %
GPA 5 Rate : 2.35 %
Institutes: 8,870

HSC Result 2019 Average

Total Appeared: 1,212,560
Total Passed: 885,441
Total Failed: 327,119
Total A+: 44,049
Passed  Rate: 73,02 %
Failed Rate: 26.98 %
GPA 5 Rate : 3.63 %
Institutes: 7,196

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