Joe Biden; The Story of an Optimistic Leader in The US

Joe Biden biography (Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.) is the newly elected President of the United States. As an American politician, and worked with Obama as vice president for eight years.

Biden defeated Donald Trump in the US election and will inaugurate as the 46th president on January 20, 2021. There is no end to people’s interest in Joe Biden’s birth, family, where he studied. The people now want everything before and after becoming President.

The Newly Elected President of US: Joe Biden

Who doesn’t know Joe Biden? Yes, I’m talking about the newly elected President of the United States. What Joe Biden‘s life was like before he became President. He served as an attorney before he comes to politics.

Biden was the nominee for President of the Democratic Party and was Barack Obama’s vice president for eight years. Today we will know about him.

Born, father’s and mother’s name:

Joe Biden was born in 1942 at Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a blue-collar city. Biden’s father’s name was Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. and his mother was Catherine Eugenia Finnegan.

Before the birth of Joe Biden, Biden Sr. was rich. But in the time of Joe Biden‘s delivery, he faces much financial crisis. He leads a middle-class life. To support the family, he works as a car salesman.


Joe Biden’s attended St. Paul’s Elementary School in Scranton in his early life. Until gained acceptance into the prestigious Archmere Academy, Joe Biden attended the St. Helena School.

He struggles with all his way of life. To afford his tuition fees, he had to washing the school windows and weeding the gardens. In 1961 Joe Biden graduated from Archmere.

Biden completed his BA at the nearby University of Delaware. He studied history and political science there and also took part in football.  There his first political practice began.

After graduation, in 1965, he admits to Syracuse University Law School. Here is an exciting and long story. When he was a student at the University of Delaware, he went on a spring break in the Bahamas.

There he sees a girl named Neilia Hunter, a student at Syracuse University.  Joe likes her, and since then, Joe has devoted himself to studies.  Until then, he was indifferent to his studies, according to his commentary. It was the history behind his admission to Syracuse University.

Wife and children:

First Married and a Terrible Tragedy:

Joe Biden married Neilia Hunter in 1996 (1942-1972). They had three joe Biden children.  Two sons Beau Biden (1996-2015), Hunter Biden (1970), and a daughter Naomi Chistina (Amy Biden, 1971-1972).

There was a tragedy in his married life that changes his life completely. One week before Christmas in 1972,  his wife and their three children went shopping.  On the way, they faced a car accident.  His wife and one-year-old daughter died at the scene.  His two sons were seriously injured.

Second Married:

Joe Biden’s second wife, Jill Jacobs (married 1977). Ashley (1981) the child of Joe Biden and Jill Jacobs. She studied for a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware.

And two master’s degrees, one from West Chester University and the other from Villanova University. From the University of Delaware, she completed her doctorate in education.

 When Joe Biden’s lost his first wife, Neilia, he broke down totally. His brother arranged a blind date for him with Jill Jacobs. They both had married before. Five years after his first wife’s death, he got married to Jill Jacobs.

Joe Biden Moved on:

Joe Biden is the highest-voting state in American history. Biden was the first president to become President at the Joe Biden age of 78. He lived a simple life, but the expectations were very high.

Biden could have fulfilled all his dreams if his first wife and new-born daughter had not died. He was so devastated by the accident that he decided to commit suicide. His two sons were not well. After thinking about them, he came back with this decision.

He wants to resign from his career to serve the boys. But he did not do so at the request of members of the Senate. He used to take care of two boys in between work. Then be remarried and said Jill would be better for her children.

Joe Biden says Jill Jacobs has changed his life and taught him a new way to live. He has started thinking about his life and politics again. Although faced with the unacceptable dead experience of his wife, he fought and moved forward.

Occupation of Joe Biden:

Joe Biden is a politician, lawyer, and author. In his life, he served as 47th vice president of the US (2009-2017). From 1973 to 2009, Biden worked as a US senator from Delaware. Moreover, Joe Biden elected one of the youngest senators in the US. In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he was the chairman.

The International Narcotics Control Caucus, he for two years (2007-2009). He was also chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (1987-1995).  In 1970, he was a member of the New Castle Country Council from four districts.

Frequently Asked Question about Joe Biden:

Ques. What is Joe Biden’s net worth?

Ans. According to Forbes, he is Millionaire.  He is reportedly worth 9$ million at present.

Ques. When did Joe Biden start his law practice?

Ans. After marriage to Neilia, he was starting a law firm.

Ques.  How much was the salary at the beginning after Joe Biden became a senator?

Ans. After selected as a senator, his starting salary was about $42,500 a year, which is approximately $250,000 adjusted for inflation in today’s dollars.

  • who is the first lady in the US

Ques. Who is the Next First Lady?

Ans. Joe Biden’s 2nd wife, Jill Jacobs, is the next first lady in the United States.

Final Verdict:

Joe Biden is the newly appointed President of the United States.  He has come this far with a lot of hard work in his life. He came from a middle-class family and also continued his tuition fees.

That is why Joe Biden is called an optimistic leader. His role model of American politicians.  He is not only an ideal leader but also a good husband and father.

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