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PSC result 2021

PSC result in 2021

All the candidates of PSC Result 2021 and their parents are eagerly waiting. This result is a special achievement of PSC candidates. This is the first board examination of the primary level in the life of education.

PSC Result 2021 online system:
Students will be able to verify the numbers or grades of all the subjects in the mark-sheet and the entire grade points using the online method in addition to the grades obtained in the examination in the form of GPA (PSC and Ebtadai)

According to the rules of the Board of Education, the results of the examination are published within 30 days of the end of the examination. And the boards will publish PSC Result 2021 on time every year. View web results by clicking this link above.

education board result psc

primary education board result
The 2020 results will be available on the websites of the Board of Education and the Department of Primary Education after the announcement.
After entering this site, click on Result. Specify the board name, roll, registration number, and side year where a form will appear. Then wait for the result. Also, check the results from our site according to the same rules.

PSC Result 2021 SMS system:

Go to the phone message option and enter the DPE then space. type your Thana or Upazila code then write space with your PSC roll number and then send the test year with the number of 16222 number.

You will get your results in the return SMS.
For example:
DPE 1234 123456 2020 SEND 16222

dperesult teletalk

Ebtadai results in SMS.
Go to your phone message option and enter the message above, instead of just DPE, send EBT and send it to 16222. You will get your r test results in the return SMS.

For example:
EBT 1234 123456 2020 SEND 16222

Full mark-sheet of PSC Result 2021

All the students and their parents are eagerly waiting to download the PSC Result 2021 mark- sheet online and know the result. During this year, such years as the previous year, the date of the results was lagged.

Starting from all types of general institutions in dealing with corona fact of the country, educational institutions were announced closed. If you want to get all updates of PSC Result 2021, keep eyes on our site every day. Any notice of the Education Board We publish our site very quickly.

All the activities and examinations of the Board of Education will be held regularly once the horrors of Covid-19 are reduced and it is brought under control.

Passing rate PSC Result 2021

Here all of the education boards of PSC 2021 have been highlighted by the previous passing rate. The latest pass rate update will be given here only after the 2021 results are published.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has directly announced that 979..59 percent of the candidates have passed the 2019 Primary School Result (PSC) examination. And 979..69 percent of their eligible candidates have passed. A total of 387,193 students got a GPA of 5.0 in the PSC exam, and 12,2644 students got a
GPA of 5.0 in the Ibtedai ​​exam.

Last year, the pass rate of the PSC exam was 99.18 percent. Ibtedai had a pass rate of 99.94 percent. A total of 262,609 PSC candidates got GPA 5.0, and a total of 5,033 aspiring candidates got GPA 5.0. From 16th
November to 26th November of this year, a total of 3,099,123 students participated in the PSC / Ebtedai ​​examination.

PSC Scholarship 2020 Result:

Last year, 72,433 students received general scholarships. And 32,998 students received scholarships in the Talent Full Quota. And the results for 2020 was published on April 320 in the general quota. Last year, a total of 54,422 students received PSC scholarships.

And this year a total of 82 thousand 433 students have received PSC scholarships. Check out our PSC Scholarship for 2021. Please visit our website.

Thank you for giving us your precious time. Stay with the site to get all kinds of test results. And help us by
submitting your feedback.

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