Silver And Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021

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Gold and silver are essential commodities for women in Bangladesh. 99.9% of women value gold more than silver. Speaking of traders, the gold business is an important business in Bangladesh. The traders are managed by Bangladesh Jewelers Samity. So Allresultews discussed. Silver And Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021 (18k, 21k, 22k, 24k). বাংলাদেশ জুয়েলার্স সমিতি আজকের স্বর্ণের দাম. And how to recognize real-fake gold in detail.

PER GRAM Today Gold Price In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) is registered under the Companies Act, 1913. Is a non-political service trade organization licensed by the Ministry of Bangladesh. The head office of Bangladesh Jewelers Association is located at Masjid Market, Central Baitul Mukarram. The company has a gold price in Bangladesh today. 22k gold price in Bangladesh today per gram: 5925 BDT. price of 21 carat gold per gram: 5655 BDT. 18 CARAT GOLD (CADMIUM) PER GRAM: 4905 BDT. The current gold price has been given in village form. Step by step more information is given about this.

Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021

Many people in Bangladesh do not understand the calculation of gold and silver. Most people understand the 1 Vori gold price in Bangladesh as well. Gold is currently sold in 4 ways. At present, Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has fixed a new price by reducing 1500 Taka per person.

gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori 3 March 2021. The best quality 22-carat gold has been priced at 69,109 TAKA since March 3. 21-carat gold price 65,960 TAKA. And the price of 18-carat gold has been set at 57,212 TAKA. Apart from this, traditional gold is being sold at Tk 46,890.

However, the price of silver has remained unchanged. 22-carat silver is being sold for 1,516 TAKA. Besides, 21-carat silver is being sold at Tk 1,435, 18-carat silver at Tk 1,225 and the traditional method of silver is being sold at Tk 933.

Earlier, on January 13, the price of gold was reduced by Tk 1,983. As such, the price of gold has come down in the last two months.

What Is The Price Of 1 Vori Gold And Silver In Bangladesh?

No. Gold & Silver Title: 1 Gram Price: 1 Vori Price:
1. 22 CARAT GOLD (CADMIUM) 5925 BDT. 69,109 TAKA.
2. 21 CARAT GOLD (CADMIUM) 5655 BDT. 65,960 TAKA.
3. 18 CARAT GOLD (CADMIUM) 4905 BDT. 57,212 TAKA.
5. 22 CARAT SILVER (CADMIUM)  130 BDT. 1,516 TAKA.

Today 24k gold price in Bangladesh:

“24-carat gold” This is the number 1 gold in the world of gold. It is used by a short number of people. 24 k gold is not used in jewelry in Bangladesh. It is mainly used for rewards. It is 99.99% pure. Now you can ask questions. How to recognize 24k gold? If you see 9999 engraved on gold. Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has not set any price for 24k gold on its website. So not given here. (Update coming).

What is the price of 22-carat gold in Bangladesh?

“22-carat gold” This is the number 1 gold used in Bangladesh. 91.60% Pure Army is offered at 22 carats. Contains 5.40% copper and other substances. 916 is written on 22 k gold. In the case of Bangladesh, BSTI will be written. 22 k gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori 69,109 TAKA.

21k gold price per Vori:

21 carat is the second gold in Bangladesh. Today 21 carat gold in Bangladesh per Vori 65,960 TAKA. Look at the 875 texts when buying this gold. 21 k gold contains 87.50% pure. 12.50% made with something else.

18k gold price in Bangladesh:

18 carat is currently the lowest gold in circulation in Bangladesh. However, 14 and 10-carat gold is available in some places. At present, the price of 18 k gold is 57,212 TAKA. It contains 25% copper or alloy, and 75% pure gold. If you see 750 written on gold, then you will understand that it is 18k gold.

Gold Price In Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2021

How is Gold Measured?

Gold sellers in many ways give less gold. So everyone wants to know how gold is measured. Basically gold can be measured in two ways, one as gram, the other as anna, as Rati.

First method: gram calculation.
11.664 grams = 1 Vori.
For example, (weight of gold purchased ÷ 11.664) = Vori.
(9.443 g ÷ 11.664) = 0.81 Vori.
Gold price (0.81 * 50,000 gold price) = 40,500 TAKA.

Second method: Ana, Rati calculation.
1Vori = 16 Anna.
1 Vori = 96 Rati.
1 Vori = 960 points.
1 anna = 6 ratis.
1 Rocky = 10 points.

Example, 5 Anna, 4 Rati, 4 points.
= (5 ÷ 18) + (4 ÷ 97) + (4 ÷ 980)
= 0.3125 + 0.042 + 0.004
= 0.371 Vori.

Last word: the price of gold in Bangladesh and how to save and buy your gold. That has been discussed. Also shown is the measure of gold. This information is very important for you. The next post will show you how to clean gold or silver. Stay with all the time.

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