SSC Exam Routine 2021 Published Date Information

SSC exam routine 2021 will publish very soon. education board update, If published, then the exam is on the mobile/doorstep, but it is still uncertain for everyone.  Everyone is worried about whether there will be an exam or not.

Considering the country’s overall situation, PSC, JSC / JDC, HSC examinations postpone. So, everyone is worried about the SSC exam. SSC Exam routine will publish; when will the feasible routine give? There are so many questions about it in students’ minds.

SSC Exam Routine 2021 Update:

There is unrest among the students as to whether the SSC exam will hold in 2021. The exam of HSC candidates already postpones due to coronavirus. Their results will combine with the results of the JSC and SSC examinations and their scholastic exam.

There is a tense atmosphere going on with it.  Exams of all classes postpone for COVID-19. Assignments give from the educational institutions, on which the students will provide promotion in the next class.

However, the Ministry of Education has not yet decided whether the SSC exam 2021 will hold and when will give the SSC exam routine 2021?

SSC Exam Routine 2021 statement from the Ministry of Education:

 Secondary and higher secondary examinations of 2021 will take. So, the Minister of Education, Dr. Dipu Moni, has asked the students to prepare. She said this at a virtual press conference on Wednesday. She said that they are now going through a situation where we can’t make too many decisions.

Again, she said that she would talk about what will happen to SSC and HSC exams? She asked the students who are going to take SSC and HSC to continue their studies online. So, she asked the students to prepare.

Dr. Dipu Moni said that they are hopeful that the situation will get better next year, Inshallah, so the SSC exam will take. She requested the examinees to continue their studies.

Answering a question from reporters, she said that they hope all the tests will take in time. But it depends on the overall condition of the COVID-19.  She can’t say anything now, whether the February exam will in February or the March exam will in March.

SSC Exam Routine in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, SSC exams are conducted simultaneously in 11 education boards and follow the same SSC new routine 2021. The Boards of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education include Dhaka, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Yashar, Comilla, Barisal, and Sylhet districts.

Also, in 2017 a new Board of Education Mymensingh has added.  There are also Madrasa Education Board and Technical Education Board. According to the SSC exam routine, all these board exams start on 1st February and end on 22nd February every year.

Viva ends between February 22 and 29. It is not yet sure what the exam will hold next year. No decision gives the government as to when the routine of Dakhil and SSC Exam will provide. Although the government has not provided any assurance on whether the exam will take, the Ministry of Education asks the SSC exam 2021 to continue their studies.

When the SSC Exam routine 2021 publish, the Board of Education will inform its official website, Besides, for your advantage, it will also post on our site.

When is the Probable Date of Publication of SSC Exam Routine?

The government has not yet announced when the SSC exam routine will give in 2021.  However, it may be that the test may delay.  It depends on the situation in Corona.  If necessary, the government can take the exam keeping social distance.

Possibility of change in SSC exam routine:

The Ministry of Education will decide after considering the overall situation.  Education Minister Dipu Moni has asked the students to continue their studies even if not held on time.

 Due to COVID-19, the ministry will decide after talking over the schedule during the examination. The question is that, will the government give the Dakhil exam routine 2021?

 Or will you pass by adjusting like the HSC exam? You will get answers to all the questions very soon.  Please bookmark our site to get updated news of all information.

What students Should do Before Getting SSC Exam Routine 2021:

SSC candidates are going through the most challenging time at the moment. Many of you do not understand whether there will take an exam. So many may have become inattentive to study.

Dear friends, please don’t be discouraged, studies very well.  At any time, the SSC exam routine will give, so prepare yourself for it in advance.

All Boards SSC Exam Routine 2021:

The SSC exams take place under 11 education boards in Bangladesh.  9 are general, and the other 2 are technical and madrasa boards. All the examiner on board starts at one time and in one routine. The questions are different according to different panels.

How to Downloads SSC Exam Routine 2021:

While there is tension among the students about the SSC exam routine 2021, some dishonest businessmen are spreading propaganda to publish the exam routine. Don’t be confused by this news.

 Now no notification has been given by the government.  When the SSC routine 2021 will provide will be announced on the Board of Education’s official page. Then you can download it from there.

Because if the exam will hold, then the exam is knocking at your door. Concentrate without wasting time, study.

Final Word:

In the end, there is no reason for tension with the SSC exam routine 2021. You will find all the knowledge on time from a reliable website like

As soon as the government decides, the students will get information on whether the SSC exam 2021 will behold next year or not.  Until then, stay healthy at home.  And read the textbook, take the preparation for the exam.

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