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The Best Nespresso Capsules

Written by Naim Hossain
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“The Best Nespresso Capsules!”

Nestlé Nespresso S.A.:

Currently doing business in the name of ‘Nespresso’, are working as a unit of Nestlé
Group, and grounded in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their coffee machines, commonly
known as the ‘Nespresso Machine’, are used to brew espresso and coffee from coffee
capsules are known as ‘Nespresso Capsules’.

The Nespresso Capsules:

These are a type of pre-allotted, one-time-usable container of ground coffee beans, that
seldom consists of added flavorings. These are fed into the Nespresso Machine (could
be any other coffee machine that is compatible with Nespresso Capsules and the
capsules are penetrated, processed and afterward, water is forced against a heating
element, at high pressure, so that just the right amount of water, enough to fill a single
the cup is warmed.

What variations are out there?

When it comes to offering the variation of capsules, Nespresso couldn’t be more
Intenso Capsules: The following list of Intenso Capsules is sorted from being the most
intense to the least, respectively. Check them out with a click on the Capsule names!

Espresso Capsules: When taking into account the intensity of nespresso capsules, they
fall in the mid-range. But no need to worry. You will not be deprived of the greatness of
a cup of Espresso coffee!

Pure Origin Capsules: These are a bunch of exclusive and exquisite capsules, that are
obtained from unique locations such as Brazil or India.
Indriya from India
Dulsao do Brasil
Rosabaya de Colombia
Bukeela ka Ethiopia

Lungo Nespresso Capsules: For the light-intense coffee lovers, Lungo Nespresso
Capsules could be a perfect choice. These capsules are planned to 110ml cup of coffee,
which could be classified as an Espresso-Americano combo.
Envivo Lungo,
Fortissio Lungo,
Vivalto Lungo,
Linizio Lungo,

Decaffeinato Nespresso Capsules: These are, as the name suggests, Nespresso’s
decaf coffee capsules. But the most astonishing fact is that you will still be able to
acquire the same aroma and taste as coffee pods which consist of caffeine! Isn’t that
Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo,
Decaffeinato Volluto,

6. Variation Nespresso Capsules: These capsules take your coffee experience to the
next level, by adding some external flavors with the coffee such as; vanilla, caramel, and


So, Which Capsule to Pick?

Ristretto Capsules: One of the best capsules out there, that will give you a full-
fledged satisfaction of drinking all the flavors in one cup!

Kazaar Capsules: The finest choice for robust and intense coffee lovers.

Arpeggio Capsules: These are the mid-range intense and creamy ones, a duller
version of Ristretto Capsules.

Vivalto Lungo Capsules: If you are looking for the best savor of Americano, amongst
the Nespresso Capsules, this is the perfect pick!

Decaffeinato Arpeggio Capsules: These are one of the best decaf Nespresso pods.
Imagine tasting the creamy and mid-range intense Arpeggio Capsules, but just without

To draw to an end, the Coffee Selector by Nespresso is the best way you can customize
your own Nespresso Capsule for the perfect coffee composition of your own choice, and
embrace the greatness of the Nespresso Capsule’s perfection!

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