U.S. Election 2020: An Obscure Election In American History

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The U.S. election 2020 is going to be held on November 3, 2020. Who will be the next President? In whose hands the people will get the new America. Who will be the next President, the Republic, or the Democratic?

Tensions are running high among the country’s citizens. It is an indirect process in which voters elect a nominee from a particular political party. On December 14, 2020, these nominees select a presidential and vice-presidential nominee from their party.

Republican nominees include incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden.

The outcome depends on who the people want as their President, in whose hands they will see the new America of the future. Keep reading to get all the more exciting news about the much talked U.S. Election 2020.

U.S. Election 2020: The Future Presidential Election-

On November 3, the 59th fourth Presidential election in the United States, the country’s people will decide who will hand over its leadership. When the whole world is stunned by Corona, the amazement of voting is going on in America. Although the selection process began in February, activities were closed for Covid 19. The U.S. election is going to hold amidst various uncertainties.

The two main parties representing the country in the election are the Republicans and the Democrats. There is also the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.

Candidates For The U.S. Election:

• Republican Party:

Donald Trump is nominated as President by Republicans without any contest. Mike Pence is recommended for Vice President.

• Democratic Party:

The Democrats nominated  Joe Biden against his biggest rival, Senator Bernie Sanders. Biden appointed his running mate Kamala Harris on August 11, 2020.

• Libertarian Party:

Joe Jorgensen gets the Presidential nomination as the Libertarian’s representative; his running mate will be Spike Cohen.

• Green Party:

Howie Hawkins will represent the Green Party, and his Vice President will be Angela Nicola Walker.

Major Two Parties In U.S. Elections:

There is no end to the people’s curiosity about the nominees of the two most competitive parties in U.S. Elections. Let’s take a look at the backgrounds of the two future Presidents.

Donald John Trump(45th President of the U.S.) Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.(47th Vice President of Barack Obama
Republican Party Democratic
June 14, 1946( 74 years till 2020), New York, United States Born November 20, 1942(78 years till 2020), Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Florida Home State Delaware
Mike Pence (48th Vice President) Running Mate Kamala Harris (First African-American, first Indian-American, first Asian-American and 3rd female Vice President)
310 First Street SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
Headquarters 430 South Capitol St. SE,
Washington, D.C., 20003
Red Colors Blue
Elephant Symbol Donkey

American Election System :

Elections in the United States take a very long time. For four years, the people will choose who will be the President, for which separate pools are formed in each state.

One of the issues in the U.S. election is that according to text (1), a person does not get a chance to run for more than two terms, and if a candidate for the presidency is nominated, he or she can be elected for a second term.

Voting Preparation For Election:

The preliminary process for the November 3 election began in February this year and lasted until August. Online-based pooling was carried out despite the disruption of the election campaign for Corona, although Doland Trump did not accept it.

Rules for Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections:

Taking this vote on November 3 is an indirect activity, where the voter will vote for the  Electoral College members’ slate. In December, the members elected by ballot will select the most appropriately nominated President and Vice-President of their respective parties.

The nominated President elects his Vice-President with the approval of the members at the party representative conference. However, in the case of the Libertarian party, it is different. A vote of the delegates elects their Vice President.

Votes Needed to Win In U.S. Election:

According to the U.S. election rules, the winning party must win 270 of the 538 seats. If no one receives this number of votes, the President will determine which of the three candidates will receive the most support. The Vice President will be elected from the remaining two candidates with the highest number of votes, and the U.S. Senate will be in charge of this job.

Methods of Vote Counting in The U.S. Election:

The U.S. election will hold simultaneously in 50 states of America. At the end of Polling at the different realm and local levels, it will take the last 14 days’ average vote.

The Guardian Tracker will give the average result of all the ballots by tracking the pooling of 8 swing states, collecting the latest polls in each state, completing a few more sets of national surveys.

Every Voters Get Polling Opportunity:

One good thing about the U.S. election is that almost every state has the opportunity to vote in advance by post so that no one abstains. People with disabilities and the sick will be able to vote wherever they are. Many citizens stay away from home for travel or study; the Election Council allows them to vote in this manner for their convenience.

Eligibility for Presidential Nomination in Election:

Article 2 of the United States Constitution states that a candidate’s eligibility for the presidency of the United States of America.

If one wants to run for the Presidential Elections, then needs American citizenship by birth, needs to live in the United States for 14 years. The Election Commission sets the minimum age for candidates at 35 years.

U.S. Election 2020 Polls:

In several prime states, the polling takes place between the two major parties in the U.S. election. Let’s see who wins this polling result.

State Name Joe Biden Donald Trump
Florida 48.6% 47.1%
Pennsylvania 49.6% 44.5%
Georgia 47.5% 46.3%
Arizona 49.5% 46.3%
Lowa 47.2% 46.4%
Michigan 50.4% 42.6%
Minnesota 48.0% 42.0%
Nevada 49.0% 43.8%
New Hampshire 53.4% 42.4%
North Carolina 49.2% 47.7%
Ohio 46.2% 46.8%
Texas 45.5% 49.5%
Virginia 51.7% 40.3%
Wisconsin 49.3% 44.7%

Source: Real clear politics, Associated Press. Till August 3, 2020 Survey. Last Update October 23, 2020

Biden is ahead in national polls, according to results from Trump. Biden gets 51% vote, while Trump gets 43%.

If Biden (78) wins, he will be the oldest person in American history and 82 years old at the end of his term. And if Trump (74) returns, he will be 78 years old at the end of his second term.

Most interestingly, this is the first Presidential election in America where the two major parties’ candidates are over 70 years of age. If Biden wins, the Democratic Party will win against the Republicans for the first time in 28 years, where the incumbent President will lose after his first term.

Similarly, Democrat Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush in his first term in the 1992 election. Bush served as U.S. President from January 1989 to January 1993. In his first term, he lost to Bill Clinton (1993-2001).

Voting Starts and Ends Time:

Voting time varies from state to state in the United States. In some states, if people continue to come even after the polls close, they get a chance to vote. Some centers do not take votes in this way; the center stops taking votes at a specific time. Voting begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 9 p.m. (New York and North Dakota). Voting in Vermont is open at 5 a.m. if voters get up early and show up at the center. The U.S. election ends at 9 p.m. (American time).

Trump and Biden’s Final Debate:

On October 22, 2020, the final debate between the two major Presidential nominees took place. About 55 million people (according to Nielsen TV Ratings) watched the debate simultaneously, which is broadcast live on the six largest TV channels in the United States.

About 62 million people watched it during the first debate(September 29), 11% more than the second time. In the final discussion, the latest issues are Covid 19, including health care, immigration, economics, etc. Biden also gets more support from Trump in this last debate.

Coronavirus Issue:

In the final debate, Biden blamed Trump, saying he was responsible for the deaths of 200,000 people in Corona and did not have the right to be President. Biden also announced his plans for the epidemic. In response, Trump said people have learned to live with Corona. He also shared his experience of being infected with Corona.

Health Care Issue:

Trump said in the debate that Obama Care would abolish and build new health care. Biden, on the other hand, said he would make further reforms to Obama Care.

Racist Issue:

At one point in the debate, the debate over racism began. Biden said Trump is the most racist President ever. In response to the allegations, Trump said he was the least racist among those in the room.

Climates Issue:

The two rivals are embroiled in a heated debate over North Korea and the climate issue. Biden described climate change as a “threat to human existence” and blamed Donald Trump for reducing polluters’ taxes. Biden said that, If Trump comes again for four years, he will repeal all the principles that are made for the climate. Trump argued in favor of withdrawing the name from the climate deal, saying that he can’t let billions of people lose their jobs because of the climate deal; he can’t let businesses fail.

Blame for not Fulfilling Election Promises:

Also, both parties have blamed each other for the election promises. Biden complained that before the election, Trump promised to change Obama Care to provide affordable services to the public, but he has not done so in the last four years. Trump responded by saying that Obama and you (Biden) neglected to take responsibility for themselves, did nothing, so he ran in the election.

Possible Outcomes or Predictions About Election:

So far, 30 million people in the country have voted out of 50 million voters. With Biden ahead of the national vote and the final debate, nothing can be said for sure. In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton was also ahead of Trump in the national pool, but in the end, she lost in the Electoral College.

If Biden wants to win, he will have to stay ahead of the Electoral College with eight swing state votes, as Trump did in 2016. There are many cases of losing the Electoral College vote even before the people’s vote.

Date of Publication of The U.S. Election Results:

The U.S. election results are usually given on elections night. But for the epidemic virus, most citizens prefer to vote in the mailbox. According to them, it is risky to go to the center in person and vote in Corona.

Therefore, election experts think that if this happens, it may not be possible to publish the results on election night; it may even take a few days or weeks.

Inauguration of the New President After The Election:

The new President will be inaugurated on January 20, according to the 20th Amendment to the 1933 U.S. Constitution. The parade will be held after the congressional ceremony; at the end of March, the new President will be in charge of the White House for four years.

Some Questions About U.S. Election

Some questions about the U.S. election in the minds of the people:

Q: Did Obama support Joe Biden?

A: Yes, For the first time, Obama is campaigning for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. He wants the people to vote for him (Biden).

In his speech, he said that for all the era these last four years, our country saw its worst impulses revealed and saw what the best for our country is.

Q: Who will be the best President, Trump or Biden?

A: The recent death of nearly 2,29,000 people in the country due to the Coronavirus has created a negative public attitude towards Trump. In dealing with the Corona epidemic, his (Trump’s) weak responsibilities manifest. In that sense, the American people now prefer Biden.

Q: Will George Floyd’s death have any effect on the election?

A: Racism is an age-old problem in America. At the hands of the American police, George Floyd’s death caused a lot of movement against racism. Such actions of a law officer erupted in public protests. The government has not handled the situation well, which has shaken Trump’s image in the upcoming election.

Q: Who is giving the swing state lead in the U.S. Election?

A: The Guardian Tracker collected the latest votes from 8 essential swing states. The one who gets more support in these eight states will be ahead in the election. Like Trump in 2016, Biden leads the eight realms now. Although Biden is leading the vote, it is uncertain who will be elected.

Final Verdict:

The U.S. election is now the most talked about in the whole world. Republicans or Democrats, who will run for President in the next election, is now a mystery to the world.

Trump’s position has somewhat shaky on the Coronavirus issues, the racist movement, the climate deal’s withdrawal, etc. However, Biden is still firmly in his place and ahead of Trump in public support.

The much-anticipated U.S. election holds on November 3, ending all the questions like who is the candidates, who are ahead in the polls, who will win, who will fail. It will be the first time in the United States’ history with the highest number of voters; and a special election for American People.

As a result of not fulfilling many of the promises that Trump made in his first term of election, he did not get much support. Biden outlined what he would do if he won the election. He is not only in a good position nationally but also gets support from the people. Although Biden is ahead of Trump, until the end, who will be in charge of the White House is still a mystery to the world.

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